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I have been meaning to write this post for AGES, but have never gotten around to it. I honestly wish I could share this with every new mom! It made becoming a mom SO easy. With baby number 2 around the corner, I am dusting off my copy of On Becoming Babywise and though...

Everly York is 16 months old! It was a busy month as we packed up all of our stuff into storage and moved out of the apartment we had been renting for the summer. Jason left for Buffalo's camp last week and Everly and I moved in with my parents until we get the call fr...

Everly York is 15 months old! Her personality shines through every day, and sometimes I'm not sure I like what I see. Serves me right because I feel like I'm looking back in time at myself... This little girl is defiant, hilarious, a little stubborn and always on the g...

Everly's 12-14 month update!

We are ONE month away from a year and I am pinching myself! The time has flown by but also stood still. We have so many fun amazing memories with this little girl. This month we moved back to Winnipeg for the off-season, right after Jason's hockey season ended. It is s...

My 10-month old baby update. What she loves, eats, plays with and milestones!

Just like that we have a 9-month old! She continually puts a smile on our face and keeps us on our toes. She has one decibel, which is loud. Happy or sad, you'll know it right away. She had her shots this month and got weighed and measured. She is 18.5 lbs, 28.5" and h...

I have decided (8 months late) that I am going to give monthly updates on Everly. Sometimes as a mom I'm like, what are other babies her age doing? Not to compare, because they all get to each stage differently, but just to be informed. I like knowing what toys kids he...

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