March 28, 2020

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This has been my FAVE go-to breakfast lately now that it's cooling off outside. I just want something warm, tasty and filling. This fits the bill! It comes together so easily, you just throw everything into one pot. It's gluten-free, refined sugar-free and dairy-free....

When I don't have a batch of instant pot oatmeal in the fridge, I make these quick oats on the stove top. It's my go-to breakfast and is always so satisfying. Everly always comes and steals a few bites as well. I love to start my day with oatmeal because it helps incre...

The quickest and creamiest steel cut oats!

Easy healthy gluten-free waffles. Great way to get veggies into your breakfast and they keep you full for a long time!

If you've been watching my Instagram stories lately, you'll see I have been all about the waffles. Specifically these Spinach Protein Waffles. I got a lot of questions about the recipe, so I thought I would just post it on here. They are nutrient dense, full of protein...

This chia pudding is perfect if you do not like making breakfast in the morning. Prep this the night before and when you wake up just grab and go! It is also great to keep in the fridge as a quick snack when hunger hits. You will get all of the amazing benefits of matc...

Okay so I have to admit I have never been a big smoothie lover - I'm more of a food chewer. Sometimes though a smoothie is just what my body needs, especially after the holidays! It's an easy way to get in lots of fruits and veggies all in one hit. Whenever I eat WAY t...

I could eat oatmeal for every meal if it was nutritionally adequate. It is honestly my number one comfort food and my go-to breakfast like every day! Some might say that is "boring" so I decided to do a quick round-up of a few variations so you can change it up and not...

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