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When I don't have a batch of instant pot oatmeal in the fridge, I make these quick oats on the stove top. It's my go-to breakfast and is always so satisfying. Everly always comes and steals a few bites as well. I love to start my day with oatmeal because it helps incre...

A healthy alternative to store-bought jam and made with onlyl 3 ingredients!

This is my favorite chia pudding! Even my dad likes it, which says a lot. It is good for breakfast, a snack or dessert because it tastes THAT good. It's also a perfect post-workout snack thanks to the protein and anti-inflammatory properties! It kind of reminds me of L...

If you haven't read about the amazing benefits of matcha green tea yet, it is basically a super concentrated green tea that gives you way more bang for your buck. If you want to read more about the health benefits, check out this article by Dr. Axe. One of the lesser k...

This chia pudding is perfect if you do not like making breakfast in the morning. Prep this the night before and when you wake up just grab and go! It is also great to keep in the fridge as a quick snack when hunger hits. You will get all of the amazing benefits of matc...

Okay so I have to admit I have never been a big smoothie lover - I'm more of a food chewer. Sometimes though a smoothie is just what my body needs, especially after the holidays! It's an easy way to get in lots of fruits and veggies all in one hit. Whenever I eat WAY t...

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