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I had some ripe bananas I needed to use up and was craving cookies, so I decided to do some experimenting and see if I could come up with some gluten-free banana cookies. I'm happy to say they were a huge success! Jason and the girls loved them. I put chocolate chips i...

I finally have my own kitchen with all of my things back and I am ready to start creating more healthy recipes again! It seems like between me, Jason and the girls I need cupboards full of snacks. If I don't have something healthy made, I'll end up giving them somethin...

I am on a muffin kick right now, but was getting bored of making my strawberry banana ones every week (even though I would have no problem eating them every day). To change things up I wanted to go to the opposite spectrum and make a chocolate muffin, but that also use...

This has been my FAVE go-to breakfast lately now that it's cooling off outside. I just want something warm, tasty and filling. This fits the bill! It comes together so easily, you just throw everything into one pot. It's gluten-free, refined sugar-free and dairy-free....

When I don't have a batch of instant pot oatmeal in the fridge, I make these quick oats on the stove top. It's my go-to breakfast and is always so satisfying. Everly always comes and steals a few bites as well. I love to start my day with oatmeal because it helps incre...

I learned how to make Shakshuka when Jason and I first got married. It's honestly the easiest meal to throw together and the perfect end of week meal when the groceries are running low and you need to use up some of your veggies. I usually make this recipe in a cast ir...

I get genuinely EXCITED thinking about this recipe. I honestly would love to have it on hand at all times for when my sweet tooth kicks in. Vegan cookie dough is a child's (and my) dream come true, because you can eat it right off the spoon without fear of getting sick...

I was having a craving for chocolate (when am I not) and I didn't have any in the house, so I whipped up some fudge with what I had on hand. It turned out amazing! I used sunflower seeds in the first batch because it’s what I had on hand, but I knew it would also taste...

The quickest and creamiest steel cut oats!

Easy weeknight chicken dinner that comes together in 35 minutes!

I got asked at the beginning of summer to share some quick and easy dinner ideas, and well I dropped the ball big time. I got hit with morning sickness shortly after, and cooking was the LAST thing on my mind. I am finally feeling much better and living with my parents...

Since my Gluten & Dairy Free Lemon Bars turned out so well, I thought I would experiment with other chickpea dessert bars. Chickpeas are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. They also boost digestion and keep you full longer due to their high fiber content. Thei...

The healthiest little energy bites with only 5 ingredients!

These Raw Banana Carrot Cakes bites are soft & chewy, have veggies in them and NO added sugar!

This is my favorite chia pudding! Even my dad likes it, which says a lot. It is good for breakfast, a snack or dessert because it tastes THAT good. It's also a perfect post-workout snack thanks to the protein and anti-inflammatory properties! It kind of reminds me of L...

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