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Jason has been gone for 6 weeks now, and it feels like an eternity. I need to preface this post by saying that I told Jason to go to Germany. He actually hesitated when they asked knowing he would have to leave me and the girls, but I told him that if hockey was still...

Have you guys ever had to wait a REALLY LONG time for something? Maybe a husband, a child, a job, an answer or maybe you're waiting but not even sure for what. I FEEL you. This has been us for the past 8 months. I honestly think this is the longest season of waiting th...

My life is pretty much an open book, if you ask me something I am more than happy to share. Lately I've gotten a lot of DM's on Instagram about our lifestyle. How we handle Jason being gone, the unknown of the future, how the girls cope with it and what's next for us....

We just found out a few days ago that we will be heading to Cincinnati, OH for the upcoming hockey season! Jason has one year left on his contract with the Buffalo Sabres, and will be playing with their ECHL affiliate the Cincinnati Cyclones. This is the first time in...

​We finally have a place to call our own! It's the second floor of a cute little duplex in downtown Elmira. It's a huge upgrade from our last place, and we get to furnish it with our own stuff! Before moving in Everly and I were back in Winnipeg for a quick visit with...

It's been 31 days now living in a hotel. Not that I'm complaining, or counting.

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