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Maternity photos are always something I make sure we get because I always miss being pregnant so much and I want to be able to remember it! For Everly and Rosie we got full photo sessions, which worked great when I was pregnant with Everly, but with Rosie Ev was not in...

We're in the third trimester! I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by. I'm 29 weeks and with everything else going on in our lives sometimes I forget I'm even pregnant! I've been feeling a lot better, slowly getting my energy back and haven't felt nause...

We're having another baby!! I am SO excited to finally share this news. The first 12 weeks was like torture keeping it a secret. Especially with how sick and exhausted I am this time. I can never figure out if I'm getting more nauseous and tired each pregnancy, or if i...

I wanted to get maternity photos done this pregnancy, but that got a bit complicated with us moving a few weeks before I was due. One of the first things I did when we got settled was find a local photographer that had availability. It was getting colder outside and ou...

I went back and forth about sharing my recovery postpartum, but after getting a lot of questions from women about it I thought I would share my experience. It's important to note that every body, pregnancy and recovery is different. Please don't use my recovery as a be...

If you read my second trimester update, you'll know my skin always acts up during pregnancy. I get redness, bumps, uneven skintone - you name it I've got it. Well thanks to my new skincare routine I am SO happy with my skin. By no means is it perfect, but it's so much...

I am 22 weeks and feeling great! We had some unexpected events take place last week and I wanted to share them because life isn't always perfect and doesn't always go the way we planned or imagined. We often portray these perfect lives on social media and forget that a...

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