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Where do I even start with this little ball of fire. Rosie is a year and a half old and has more personality than I ever thought possible. She's really trying to talk now and can get a few words out. Her faves are baby, daddy, car, ball, soother, wa-wa (water), more an...

These last few months have been a blur with buying the new house, having Jason gone in Germany and being pregnant with two little girls! I totally dropped the ball on Rosie's 16 month update, so I'll play catch up this month. She is back to her happy self now that all...

Another month has flown by and Rosie is still keeping us on our toes. She's loud, funny, goofy, has a temper and knows what she wants. One of which is babies. Any time there is a baby around, especially her cousin Charlie, she just squeezes them in a big bear hug over...

I'm happy to say Rosie is doing much better this month! She is still teething, but it isn't affecting her as much. She's back to her normal happy self. She is SO loud though. Whenever anyone comes over or walks in the door she just screams with excitement. If her and E...

Month 13 has probably been the hardest one since Rosie was born. It was a combination of her being sick, getting new teeth and me being pregnant and exhausted. She started getting 4 molars and she is the worst with teething. She cries unless I'm holding her, cries if I...

Just like that, she's ONE! She still somehow feels like my little baby, but she definitely isn't. She's getting so big, taking a few steps and pointing at everything. Watching her and Everly play together is my favorite thing. She's not ready to walk yet but she crawls...

Here we are, one month away from Rosie's first birthday. Cue the tears, the memories, and everything sentimental. I haven't even thought for one minute about what we would do for her party. First I have to figure out where we'll be living. More on that in another blog...

Nine months in and nine months out!! I honestly feel like a broken record with Rosie because I always just say she's the happiest baby ever. She just laughs and smiles so much so it's hard not to say it all the time. She has made the transition to two kids super easy....

I have decided (8 months late) that I am going to give monthly updates on Everly. Sometimes as a mom I'm like, what are other babies her age doing? Not to compare, because they all get to each stage differently, but just to be informed. I like knowing what toys kids he...

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