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Have you all heard of Natura Market? I hadn't until about a month ago and I am SO glad that I finally discovered it! When we lived in the States there was an online health food store we would order from, but once we moved back to Canada I could never find an equivalent...

I found myself low on snacks and forgot how easy energy bites are to throw together! I used a few things I already had on hand and they turned out amazing. Everly can't stop asking for these little "balls", and I feel totally fine letting her snack on them all day!


This is my new favorite way to eat the Vegan Cookie Dough I made a few weeks back! You basically just roll it into balls and dip it in chocolate - as if it wasn't already addictive enough. I love having these in the fridge because they're like soft truffles, but having...

I get genuinely EXCITED thinking about this recipe. I honestly would love to have it on hand at all times for when my sweet tooth kicks in. Vegan cookie dough is a child's (and my) dream come true, because you can eat it right off the spoon without fear of getting sick...

I did it. I jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon. I mean how can I you not when the weather gets cool and the sweaters come out? I keep seeing pumpkin everywhere and needed some in my life without all of the refined sugar. All of those pumpkin muffins, scones and ice-cream...

Healthy homemade fruit & veggie bars.

Easy gluten-free vegan crackers.

The healthiest little energy bites with only 5 ingredients!

These Raw Banana Carrot Cakes bites are soft & chewy, have veggies in them and NO added sugar!

Need an alternative to unhealthy chocolate bars? Try these guilt-free raw vegan dark chocolate peanut butter cups!

This is my favorite pesto recipe and is full of ingredients I can feel good about eating!

I don't know why I haven't shared this recipe sooner! This is something I always keep in the fridge. It is definitely a staple for us. It's good with whole grain crackers, veggies, on salad, with chicken or tuna, eggs or really anything savory! I love putting it out wh...

I was having post Christmas gingerbread cookie withdrawals, and came up with these bites as an alternative! I am in LOVE with gingerbread cookies, but my waistline doesn't appreciate all of the refined sugar, fat and carbs! I tried a healthier gingerbread cookie recipe...

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