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Stacey Kasdorf

Everly's 11-Month Update

We are ONE month away from a year and I am pinching myself! The time has flown by but also stood still. We have so many fun amazing memories with this little girl. This month we moved back to Winnipeg for the off-season, right after Jason's hockey season ended. It is so great to be back with family and friends and getting settled into our new place. We will miss our little place in Elmira and the friends we made and I think Everly will miss crawling down our long hallway! Luckily all of her toys and belongings came with us so our new place already feels like home to her. She is weighing in at 21 lbs these days, 15 of which I think are in her cheeks. She's getting more mobile, more talkative and even more clingy with all these new faces around. Hoping to break that dependence in the next few weeks so Jason and I can start going on dates!



Okay I stole this months toy from my friend Jill again! It is just the best having a friend with a daughter just one-month older than your own! We got this little tunnel from Ikea that Everly loves crawling through (as do her 3 and 4 year old cousins). She also loves the toy kitchen at my parent's place and Jason's parents place. There are so many doors to open and things to pull out and play with. I'm going to need to get her one for our place! As usual her favorite things to play with are not toys at all. Her new favorite place to play is our pantry, pulling all the tea off the shelf and pulling out all of the pots and pans.


I am still breastfeeding her once in the morning, and then food the rest of the day. Her favorite foods right now are finger foods. I'll give her whole bananas, cut up cooked sweet potatoes, ground turkey, pasta and eggs. She still loves avocado, peanut butter, yogurt, oatmeal and chia jam. She has also discovered she can feed herself with the spoon, so she will often take it from me and feed herself. It takes a bit longer and gets a lot messier, but it's so fun watching her! New foods this month: Salmon and green pea pasta, both of which she liked! We are still steering clear of processed foods and sugar, so I am brain storming a healthy cake for her birthday. If you have any recipes send them my way!


She goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up around 7:30-8:30am! It's honestly so nice waking up before she gets up. She still loves being in her crib and just chatting in the mornings and after naps. She has still been napping twice, once around 10-11:30am and then 1-3pm. This girl sure loves her sleep. Our days are much the same, playing with toys, eating, going for walks and to the park, playing with friends and running errands. She also LOVES baths. She could stay in for hours if I let her. Oh and her new thing is getting cozy on her sheepskin rug or Grammy's soft pillows. She loves just laying on them and wiggling her bum in excitement.


She's still ticklish in her tummy and her neck and will always give you a good laugh. She also loves when she hears people coming, she'll kind of shriek and get excited. She met my brother and sister-in-laws dog this week too and did her usual laugh and run away. Another thing that put a smile on her this month was when her cousin Ember was carrying her around! It was the cutest thing.


Being around lots of new people with the move back to Winnipeg has brought lots of tears. We are trying to get her acclimated to other people, which is slowly working. She has started warming up to mine and Jason's families. Hopefully soon she won't even notice if Jason and I aren't in the room (and then I'll be the one crying).


She has her 5th tooth now! One of her back teeth on the bottom came in. She also does lots of walking if she's holding someone's hands or leaning on her train. This month she also saw her first waterfall, watched daddy's last game as a Jackal, went on her 13th flight, moved into her 5th home, started drinking out of a straw, had her first bath with her cousins, took her first trip to Ikea, sat with the Easter bunny, had her first Easter egg hunt (with the help of her cousins) and started feeding herself with a spoon!


We have had to buy some baby food this past month because of the flying and moving. If you have to buy food, stick with Earth's Best! The ingredients are clean and real.

We have done lots of moving around with Everly and I always make sure I have her same blanket in whatever crib she's sleeping in. I find this helps her fall asleep no matter where we are.



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