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Stacey Kasdorf

Rosie's 16 and 17-Month Update

These last few months have been a blur with buying the new house, having Jason gone in Germany and being pregnant with two little girls! I totally dropped the ball on Rosie's 16 month update, so I'll play catch up this month. She is back to her happy self now that all of her teeth are in! Way less crying/whining, no waking up in the night in pain, and she's been relatively healthy! It's so nice to have my happy girl back.

She is still such a goofball. She loves to laugh and when people laugh at the things she does. She's fearless, climbing on everything she sees and trying to do whatever Everly does. She's even started making sounds that resemble words! She can say baby, mama, dada clearly and then everything else is just kind of sounds, but her communication is getting better! She even points at my belly now and says baby, it's the cutest. Oh and she's big paparently. Everywhere we go she is always way bigger than the other kids her age.

She loves to run around, snacks all the time, loves hugs and kisses and hates missing out on anything. If she sees us eating something she can't (like something with sugar) have she gets very mad, hoping that temper subdues with age! She's also very loud, happy or sad you'll know about it.



She loves playing hide and seek, spinning around in circles, doing downward dog, stacking things into a tower and knocking it over, swimming and her favorite thing is being outside. I can't wait for summer to be outside all the time! We have a park right behind our new house and her favorite thing is the slide and swing. She could be on them for hours. She is still in love with babies and always has to be holding one. She also loves pretend eating and will make the cutest little smacking sounds while we have a "picnic" in their little kitchen. She still loves water, being in the bath, hot tub or a pool are her favorite.


She's been sleeping great. She wakes up between 6-7am, a little early for my liking, but she goes down around 7-7:30pm. She had been waking up from her naps a lot from the smallest sound, so we got her the Homedics Sound Machine and it has been working wonders! It has 6 sounds, but I always just put on the white noise. It helps drown out anything while she's sleeping and her naps have consistently been 2+ hours, usually around 12-2pm. The sound machine is also really compact and can be plugged in or use batteries so it'll be really easy to travel with!


She eats almost anything, but her favorites are yogurt, hamburgers, blueberries, veggie straws, cucumbers with dip, cheese, grapes and Annie's noodles. She doesn't love chili right now, I think it's a texture thing. Whatever she eats ends up all over her, as she has to feed herself. She's gotten really good at eating with utensils though and the spills are becoming more rare.

Daily Life

When she wakes up I bring her into our bed to cuddle for a bit before Ev wakes up. Once Ev is up we make breakfast and then play for a bit before getting ready for the day. They have been so fun to watch lately as they play together. They will often roll around together and hug/wrestle and both laugh. It's so cute. Then we usually have an outing or play date in the morning, come home around 12 for lunch and then she naps for two hours. Once she wakes up we play a bit more and try and get outside if it's nice and burn some energy before dinner. We eat around 5:30, then the girls have a bath and then we wind down before bed. She goes down between 7-7:30pm, unless we're out and get her home a bit later. She's a busy body just like her sister so I make sure to have at least one outing a day to keep her entertained and happy.


She's still a little clown. Her personality is showing more and more and I love it. She laughs at everything, is always being goofy and just has the funniest mannerisms and expressions. I love making her laugh and I hope she never loses her goofy side.


She'll get really mad if Everly steals a toy from her, like screams so loud. She also HATES waiting while I am making food. She just yells and points at the stove while I'm cooking until it's ready. This girl is impatient. Basically if she doesn't get her way she gets mad (like most of us...). Case in point below, she was upset it was taking so long to get the hot tub ready.


We celebrated Easter in Brandon with her cousins and she had so much fun. She didn't get any chocolate yet, but we bought her a few Easter toys and bunny ears. We have also been spending a lot of time at the new house and she loves playing there. They just hide in the curtains, run around from room to room laughing and giggling. We also have been to a lot of home stores to buy things so her and Ev have gotten good at entertaining themselves while I shop. She also had her first dentist appointment, which was uneventful. They did say I should try and get her off her soother in the next 5 here's hoping that can happen. Her teeth are also all in finally! No more teething and crying and waking up at night in pain. It's SO nice to have that stage over with.



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