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Uppababy Vista Stroller Review

Our stroller was the product I spent the most time researching. I can't believe how many different strollers there are out there! I began narrowing it down by looking for strollers that would convert from a single to a double, because our plan was to have our kids close together and I didn't want to have to buy another stroller in a few years to accommodate our second kid. This narrowed it down a lot, as there are very few strollers that convert from a single to a double. I also didn't want the second seat to be down by your feet where Jason's long legs would be likely to kick it. The two strollers left standing after all of my criteria was met were the Baby Jogger City Select and the Uppababy Vista. Both of these strollers are great quality, so it basically came down to aesthetics and minor details. In the end we chose the Uppababy Vista, and I'll explain why below. One thing I need to mention is that it isn't cheap. We thankfully had very generous parents, plus we chipped in some of our own money to get the attachable car seat. If you don't want to spend as much I would definitely recommend the City Select. It has most of the same features and is almost half the price. It may seem crazy that we went with the Uppababy, but a stroller is something I use almost every day and I have not regretted the purchase once. Now that Rosie has joined us I love it even more and has made getting out of the house with them on my own SO easy. Keep reading if you want to know some of the features I love about this stroller!


Ease of Use

Lightweight - easy to maneuver (even with the second seat) and carry around once collapsed

Click in Attachments - one button release on the car seat and bassinet

Easily Collapsible - simple to fold up and put in the back of a car


  • Big Basket - easily accessible, fits my big diaper bag, jacket and anything else I'm carrying no problem and is also great for grocery shopping

  • Large Tires and Suspension - pushes easily through any terrain

  • Extendable Handle - this is great for Jason because he's taller and then doesn't have to worry about bending over or kicking the bottom of the stroller

  • Parent Organizer - drink holder, cell phone holder, zippered pocket and credit card slot

  • Multiple Attachments - you can click in the car seat, bassinet and toddler seat without adding anything extra which makes going from one place to the next a breeze. There are a total of 16 configurations once you are using both seats, and I love that the top seat can face you. Everly loves this because then we can talk

  • Bassinet - Everly (and now Rosie) slept in this until she was 6 months old, and yes it is certified for sleeping. Since they both have been carted around from city to city and home to home, it's so nice to be able to bring their bed wherever we go to give them some consistency. It was also great to take Everly to the beach in when she was a newborn to keep her protected from the elements! It has a sunshade that pulls out as well

  • Bug Cover and Rain Shield - covers the bassinet, car seat and stroller seat. Great for over the bassinet at the beach or park or when it's raining

  • Converts to a Double - the configuration is on top of one another instead of to the side so it doesn't get any wider, making it easy to go down any narrow aisle or through doors

  • Child Tray - This clicks in to Everly's toddler seat and fits her cup and snacks. I love that it completely detaches so I can clean it or leave it off if we don't need it


This is honestly one of the main reasons I chose this over the City Select (vain I know). It honestly puts a smile on my face every time I look at it though. We chose black so that it would be gender neutral and wouldn't look dirty as quickly. The bassinet attachment also makes it look like a modern day pram, which I love!

As a Double

We recently started using both seats on the Vista and I love this stroller even more now. It lets me get out of the house with both girls all by myself and it feels like a breeze. Rosie's carseat clicks in at the bottom and I just keep her covered up, and then Everly's seat faces me on top. She loves it because I'm close to her and she can still have her snack tray if she needs. It didn't get too heavy or hard to maneuver with the second seat either. You just need to buy adapters to be able to click in both seats at once. Once Rosie outgrows the car seat and bassinet you can buy a second toddler seat to click in just like Everly's.


The stroller has a 2 year warranty which covers everything. We also purchased a travel bag for the stroller which gives you coverage if any damage occurs during a flight. I used it on my flight to Toronto and when I took it out of the bag the soft part of the handle had a small tear. I contacted Uppababy that day and they asked for my address to send me out a whole new frame! We got it 4 days later. Best customer service ever.

Everly and Rosie all cozy going for a walk in the bassinet! Parent organizer is also detachable.

Protected at the beach from the sun, wind and bugs!

Extendable handle is perfect height for Jason!

Stroller with car seat attachment

Love the padding in the car seat! Everly always looked so cozy, even when she was little.

The only "negative" thing about this stroller, as I mentioned, is the price. It is not cheap. I think the only reason Jason agreed is because he had just signed his first NHL contract :). Talk about good timing! Our parents also both chipped in as a part of our gift from them, so that helped a lot. A stroller is something we wanted to invest in because we knew it was something we would use every single day and could possibly have through all of our kids, which could be over 6 years. If you think of it that way, it's really not that bad of an investment. We also chose to get the compatible car seat which added more to the cost as well.

Overall I am SO glad we made this purchase. It is my favorite thing that we bought as new parents. I look forward to using it every day and am so glad we decided to invest in a good stroller. Message me if you have any other questions!



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