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In honor of American Thanksgiving tomorrow (and Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals), I'm sharing with you the products I am thankful for as a mom! For all of you that know somebody who is pregnant, these are the items you want to be buying them for their baby shower! Links to each product are at the bottom of the post - wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to see if any of them go on sale! Happy shopping =).

I wasn't working in my last month of pregnancy, so I had a lot of free time on my hands to research baby stuff. I looked at blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and any other social outlet to gather information (I'm an information junkie - got it from my dad who got it from my Grandma). I wanted to know what I would really use and not just collect dust on the shelf. I have fell in love with a lot of products, so I'm going to split them up into a few posts as to not overwhelm you! I'll start with the items that I found most useful in the first few months.

My Brest Friend

Every time I type/say/hear this product name I laugh. Like who named this?? Beyond it's hilarious name, this breast feeding pillow really is amazing! I originally registered for the Boppy Pillow (which I ended up getting gifted and will talk about in my next post) because that is what I was seeing online as the best breast feeding pillow, but after going to a nursing class at the local hospital the moms there told me that My Brest Friend was the way to go! I am so glad I listened to them. It made nursing Everly SO easy right from the beginning. The cover comes in different colors and styles and is removable so you can wash it! I think the best part is that it buckles around your back so it doesn't slip down or move around, and it also gives your back some support. You can even get up and walk around while you're feeding because it's so secure! (Do I have to put a disclaimer here to hold your baby tight if you choose to get up? I don't want to get sued by some crazy mom who decides to walk around breast feeding hands free). Bonus feature: when you wear it and walk around it looks like you have a life preserver on, which is hilarious for those observing.

Milk Snob Cover

This is one of my FAVORITE items and it will be on sale during Black Friday! Use code BLACKFRIDAY16 at checkout for 25% off! It was just featured on Shark Tank last week too! Check that out here. This is a multi-use cover I use for breast feeding and as a car seat cover. It is the best when I am in public and need to feed Everly. It pulls over your head so the wind can't blow it off and Everly can't pull it off, so I don't need to worry about exposing myself to any unsuspecting bystanders. It also pulls over her car seat and bassinet for when she is napping or I don't want strangers grabbing at her. The fabric is breathable so I don't need to worry about her suffocating under it either! We are out and about a lot and I couldn't imagine not having this cover and having to go find somewhere private to feed her. Milk Snob is an American company, but I have linked a Canadian company that makes a similar product below.

Sassy Diaper Sacks

I found these on Amazon by fluke. They ended up being such a great addition to my diaper bag! When you are out or at someone's house or just away from a diaper garbage, you can put the used diaper and wipes into this little baby powder scented bag, tie it up and then throw it out. The smell is eliminated and your friends will be more likely to invite you over again :).


This is a cute little animal attached to a pacifier. You can get a bunch of different kinds, Everly has the elephant and lamb. When she was young this little animal helped keep the pacifier from falling out, and she also started cuddling with it :). It's so cute and I loved using it. Now that she's older we just use pacifier clips. The only downside is that the animal is not removable, so you can't transfer it to a different kind of pacifier.

Jujube Diaper Bag

Jujube makes a lot of different diaper bags, but the reason I chose this one is because it can also be a backpack. When you are a mom you are always in need of a free hand, especially while traveling alone with a baby. It's also super cute, made of easily wipeable fabric, has so many compartments and comes with a changing pad. It is on the pricier side, but I have linked a few more affordable options below.

Fisher Price Rock 'n Play

This is one of my favorite products! It is so cozy to put a baby in and certified for sleeping. Everly would have her daytime naps in here when she was little. You can rock it back and forth, there is a vibrating function (that my nieces liked more than Everly) and you can have the seat flat or inclined. The pad inserts are removable and washable and the entire thing folds up nice and small for storage or transport. It was also a nice place to put her when I didn't want to lay her on the ground.

Blooming Bath

Not only is this the cutest bath out there, but it's so practical! When Everly was little we would bath her in the sink (I heard too many stories of sore knees and backs from leaning over a bathtub), and this Blooming Bath fit perfectly in any sink. It is super cushy so Everly was comfortable and you can throw it in the washing machine when you're done!

These were my go-to items the first few months, and lots of them I continue to use now. Although these are not necessities, they do make mom life a whole lot easier! Transitioning to parenthood can be hard, so treating yourself to a few items that will ease that transition are definitely worth it.



Product Links:

My Brest Friend | Milk Snob Canadian Version: Covered Goods | Sassy Diaper Sacks | Wubbanub | Backpack Diaper Bags: JuJube Less Expensive Options: Skip Hop Duo Jj Cole babymoov | Fisher Price Rock 'n Play | Blooming Bath

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