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It's taken me a few days to get to this update, partly because we have had a lot going on the last few days and partly because Everly only lets me write when she's sleeping (she likes ALL the attention on her). Jason got sent to the Buffalo Sabres ECHL affiliate on Tuesday, the Elmira Jackals, who are located in Elmira, NY. He got back from practice in Rochester, we packed up our hotel room, filled our car with his hockey equipment and Everly's toys, FedExed our clothes (because they wouldn't fit in the car, babies seriously come with so much baggage) and headed down to Elmira. Thankfully Everly is a good helper =).

​It was only a 2 hour drive so it wasn't too bad getting there. Jason dropped his equipment off at the rink when we got there and met with the team doctor for his check-in. First impression of Elmira? It's small. Very small. We went for dinner and literally the whole restaurant looked up and gave us the "you're not from here" look. Everly got to experience her first high chair though! She loved it! I'm sure she would have loved it even more if we gave her some french fries. Not yet baby girl, not yet.

Jason practiced with the team the next morning and Everly and I explored the hotel and got in a quick workout! It's a good thing she likes looking at herself in the mirror so much =).

​Jason found out he had the next day off, which was American Thanksgiving, so last minute we decided to make the 3 hour drive down to Albany to visit some friends. We arrived late Wednesday and left by 2pm on Thursday because we had to get into our apartment in Elmira. It was lots of driving for a short visit, but worth it to see some old friends and enjoy some great home cooked food! We figured our little American deserved a celebration for her first Thanksgiving!

Late Thursday we got to the apartment the team had arranged for us in Elmira. To spare you the (not so pretty) details, it was not what I had envisioned :). Lets just say the hotel wasn't looking too bad at that point. We are still in the midst of finalizing our living situation, and maybe some future travel plans! Fill you all in when we know ourselves!



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