Mommy Must-Haves | 3-6 Months

Here is another round-up of some of my favorite mommy items just in time for Christmas! If you have any new moms or mom-to-be's on your list these are great gift ideas! I have linked each item at the bottom of the post.

Boppy Pillow

I talked about My Brest Friend (MBF) in my last product post, but I also ended up getting the Boppy Pillow as a gift. I didn't end up using it for breast feeding because I had the MBF, but it has been amazing for other things. In the beginning I laid Everly over it on her tummy to help her play with toys and get used to tummy time, and then I used it to help her get used to sitting up. It's also great for taking pictures when they are little if you just cover it with a blanket!

Baby Bjorn

I got this from my sister (thanks Nikki!) and it is a life saver in so many situations. There are so many versions of this, I heard the Ergobaby is also fantastic and lets you wear them 4 ways instead of just 2. I will link the Ergobaby below as well. In the beginning I would wear Everly in it for walks facing me, but once she got control of her neck I could face her outwards as well. She just laughs and smiles at everyone that passes by the entire time. It is also great when she gets fussy and wants to be held but I need to get things done. I just strap her on and can still have my hands free. It's also ideal for traveling solo with a baby (post coming soon about traveling with a baby)! Now I use it at Jason's games and she'll usually fall asleep in it and I can stay and watch the game!

Baby Banz

If you plan on taking your kid to any sort of sporting event, concert, or even a loud church these are a must! I use them at Jason's hockey games to protect Everly's ears. The goal horn and the cheering are way too loud for her and she'll burst into tears if she isn't wearing them. They also make her look hilarious which is a bonus.

Homedics Portable Sound Machine

This comes in handy when Everly goes down for naps or to bed and we need to drown out any background noise. We used it a lot at the cottage when we were being loud in the other room and didn't want her to hear us. It's also good when sleeping in new places because it offers some consistency to her surroundings. I even took it along to one of Jason's games so that she would fall asleep (see below). It clips on to just about anything and plays 4 sounds!

Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets

These are seriously amazing! I probably have 12 of these and I don't even think that's excessive. You go through them so often when they are little because you can use them for spit-up, as a burp cloth or to swaddle them at bedtime. They are made of thin muslin so they are easy to wash and take along in a diaper bag. They are also nice and light for summer, but can also be doubled up easily for more warmth (like in the photo below). I also used to lay one beneath her in her bassinet in case she spit up. I have tried other swaddle blanket brands and these are by far the best. I always carry one around in Everly's diaper bag because they are just so handy. They also come in tons of super cute designs for boys and girls!

Winter Car Seat Cover

This is a must if you live somewhere cold! A few people told me that it isn't safe to put a baby in a car seat wearing a big jacket or snowsuit because the straps won't go tight enough around their body. Well it also isn't safe to be in Winnipeg winters without a coat. Like you will actually die it's so cold. The solution? A car seat cover! Again, this was passed down to me from my sister, but I have linked similar ones below. It is SO cozy. Everly stays so warm in the car. I just put a tuque and mitts on her with her normal clothes, buckle her in and zip it up. It's so easy and cute!

Comment below and let me know if you had any of these products as a new mom and how they made your life easier! Let me know of any other products that were a life saver for you too!



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