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Stacey Kasdorf

Mommy Daughter Trip to Phoenix

My parents came to visit Jason and I in Elmira a few weeks ago on their way to Phoenix. It was so fun having visitors and having them come to Jason's games!

While they were here a light bulb went off. Jason was about to leave on an 8 day road trip, my parents were on their way to Phoenix for the month and Everly and I were going to be left alone in Elmira. I decided it was better to spend a week in the sun with my parents than alone in Elmira - thankfully I have an amazing husband who agreed! I booked the flight and we left a few days later. Living this hockey life means you have to be flexible, but sometimes flexibility pays off in the form of spontaneous trips!

This was our first long flight with a layover and I was a little apprehensive - like I almost didn't want to go. She was teething, it was two flights, there was a time change, I'm all alone, etc. I realized you can't overthink things with a baby or you'll never do anything! The first flight was 1.5 hours and the second was 4.5 hours. I did everything I talked about in my post about flying alone with a baby (check it out here), and also packed plane friendly snacks now that she's eating more. Her faves were Larabars, blueberries and KIND Chia Bars (if you haven't tried these they are amazing and the only ingredients are fruit and chia seeds!). They are all perfect for the plane because they aren't messy and they pack well. The best part is her snacks were also my snacks. The hardest part about the flights was that she didn't want to sleep - entertaining a child on your lap is hard work. I was however blessed with the nicest people beside me who were so understanding and helpful (ie/ other moms & grandmas). We survived and it was totally worth it for such a fun week!

We spent a few days by the pool when it was warm enough and Everly loved it. Her little floaty protected her from the sun and let her get used to the water!

We also practiced walking a few times while we were there - way easier than crawling on concrete on bare knees!

We went on three hikes while we were in Phoenix. It was so nice to be outside! I was feeling cooped up in Elmira so I wanted to take full advantage of being able to spend time outdoors. The Baby Bjorn made hiking so easy with Everly and she always loves being outside. Also had to make sure her baby skin was protected from the elements! I use California Baby Super Sensitive 30+ sunscreen because it is mineral based so no harmful chemicals are being absorbed into her body. She didn't burn once and we did lots of sweating and swimming. It's nice and thick and protected her so well!

Lake Pleasant Arizona

Lake Pleasant Arizona

Lake Pleasant Arizona

Lake Pleasant. One of the few lakes in Phoenix and it is absolutely breathtaking!

Lake Pleasant Arizona

Lake Pleasant Arizona

Lake Pleasant Arizona
Lake Pleasant Arizona

Spent some chilly mornings in the hot tub with grandpa.

We of course got dragged to a car show at Westgate Entertainment District by grandpa. Lots of old cars, which I'm realizing I'm really into. Also loved the Uppababy Vista using the stroller seat attachment now that she has grown out of the bassinet. It can be reclined or upright and face outwards or face me. Still my favorite purchase since becoming a mom!

And of course we had to stop at the candy store!! (for me - no sugar for Everly yet)

Sweaty Betty.

In her Sunday best :). We went to a local church and the message was on the 5 love languages. I always love hearing messages on this - we tend to only show love the way we want it but it's a good reminder that we all receive and feel love differently.

Oh and she learned how to wave while we were there! Basically waved at everyone and everything.

Even got a hike in with Frank and Brenda up to Tom's Thumb! Turns out ALL of my parents friends go to Phoenix at the same time.

Tom's Thumb Arizona

We thought about turning back about 4 times on this hike because it was in and back and we didn't know if Everly would last. SO glad we stuck it out and made it to the top! She was such a champ the entire time. Just gave her some blueberries on the way down to keep her happy. It took about 2.5 hours, the longest hike we went on and a great way to end the trip!

Tom's Thumb Arizona

Tom's Thumb Arizona



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