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Stacey Kasdorf

Baby #2 | The First Trimester

How We Found Out & Told Family

First off thank you all so much for the well wishes! Jason and I are SO excited to be growing our little family. I've gotten asked a few times if this baby was planned, so I thought I would set the record straight and say YES! Jason and I basically wanted to get pregnant again as quick as we could (call us crazy). I was breastfeeding Everly and hadn't gotten my period back, so I wasn't sure when we would be able to conceive again. That was until Everly and I were flying back to Winnipeg for the summer from Elmira, and I felt really nauseous on our first flight. A very particular kind of nauseousness, that I knew meant only one thing. I was pregnant! Convinced I was right, I tracked down a pregnancy test in the Toronto airport on our layover because I couldn't wait another minute. Well, needless to say the test came back positive! I couldn't contain my excitement and had no one to tell. I tried calling Jason right away but he was at practice. I walked through the airport just beaming until our next flight.

I finally got a hold of Jason that evening when I landed in Winnipeg and told him. He was so excited! We told our parents a week later by taking them to dinner. We bought a shirt for Everly that said Big Sister on it that she wore. They were so excited once they noticed the shirt. Then we told our siblings a few weeks later. I also made a doctor's appointment because I had no idea how far along I was. After my ultrasound they confirmed I was 10 weeks along and due November 26th. It was so nice finding out a bit later because the first trimester flew by!

We announced it publicly shortly after I was 12 weeks along just to be safe. We took a few pictures (below) with Everly holding a pink and blue balloon. She wasn't thrilled about it, but hopefully she'll be more excited about the real thing!

How I Felt

I have felt much the same my first trimester as I did with Everly. Super tired and nauseous. The only difference was that this time I had to take care of a baby instead of getting to sleep and lay around. It is pretty exhausting, but also sometimes a good distraction from how sick I feel.

Some things that help my nauseousness:

  • fill a rubber bottle with hot water and put it on my tummy

  • snack often

  • eat salty foods

  • have mints

  • eat ginger chews

  • eat right when I wake up before taking my prenatal vitamin

Nothing makes the nauseousness completely go away, but at least it helps minimize it. I have also been napping a lot when Everly does on those days I feel extra exhausted. Thankfully Jason has been a huge help and usually wakes up with Everly and makes her breakfast so I can get a bit more sleep in the mornings.

Diet & Exercise

My appetite is really off in my first trimester. I crave such unhealthy foods and never feel like cooking (which is why I haven't been making as many new recipes!). Let's just say we eat much more pizza, chips and A&W when I'm pregnant. Jason has also been a huge help in the kitchen when I don't have the stomach to make anything. Thankfully I take a prenatal vitamin which gives the baby all the vitamins and nutrients it needs that I am not getting from food! I do force myself to eat some vegetables here and there though, don't worry.

I also haven't been able to work out since I got pregnant, which again was the same with Everly. I just feel too weak and nauseous. I tried a few weeks ago with Jason but it was too early. I think I was able to around 15 weeks with Everly, so hopefully I can get into the gym soon. Once I do I can share my workouts - if anyone is interested comment below!


We aren't going to be finding out the gender! It was just so much fun having a surprise with Everly that we want to do the same thing. Again we will have to come up with a guy and girls name we like, which is proving to be much harder the second time around.

All-in-all this pregnancy has been much the same as my last, with nothing too exciting to report. I do feel like I am going to show a lot sooner though because my stomach already has a little bump, which I didn't get until 19 weeks last time. I can't wait to start showing, I honestly love being pregnant. AND an added bonus is that my sister is pregnant right now too! She is due 10 weeks before me, so our babies will be the same age! I'll update again after my second trimester!



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