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Stacey Kasdorf

New Season, New City!

We just found out a few days ago that we will be heading to Cincinnati, OH for the upcoming hockey season! Jason has one year left on his contract with the Buffalo Sabres, and will be playing with their ECHL affiliate the Cincinnati Cyclones. This is the first time in awhile that we are heading to a city where we don't know anyone. Luckily the team is setting up housing for us this week, so we won't have to worry about doing any of that which is so nice. We decided to leave our stuff behind this year and just rent furnished wherever we ended up. With a new baby on the way this just seemed like our easiest option. It'll be so nice just having to pack up our clothes and go fly to Jason. It'll be over a month since we have seen him and I can't wait for us to all be reunited again and for him to see how much Everly has grown! It's always been hard being apart from him, but adding kids into the mix makes it so much harder. We are so lucky to have Facetime so she can see him every day and talk to him and at least not forget who he is. Everly and I are going to fly there next Monday, so only one more week apart!

*photocredit: Ultiworld

This move is a bit more daunting than usual only because I will be 33 weeks pregnant when I get there, so I will have a few weeks to find a doctor, a hospital to deliver at and someone I trust enough to watch Everly when I go into labor! It all seems a bit crazy, but God always provides us with a great place to live, amazing friends and a great church so I'm never worried about the unknown. When I go into labor my mom will head down to Cincinnati to help us out for a bit and watch Everly, which will be a huge help, especially if Jason has to head on the road right away. I have a feeling this season will fly by with the new baby joining us and all of the unknown ahead.

My favorite part about moving is getting to explore a new city and meeting new people! If anyone has been to or lived in Cincinnati send me your must-see/do list. I would love to get some recommendations for where to eat, fun things to do with Everly and anything to see/do in the surrounding area. My current searches include finding an ob/gyn, a maternity photographer, a church to attend and indoor children's activities for when winter hits. We are also so close to Kentucky so I'm sure we'll make a few trips there during the season as well. I can't wait to see what this year brings and will keep you all updated as the season goes along!




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