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Stacey Kasdorf

Everly's 18-Month Update

We have a one and a half year old!! I can't believe how much she's changed these last few months. She gets cuter everyday, her hair is growing like a weed, she is loud, has a big personality and garners a lot of our attention. She basically understands everything we say to her, which also means she can choose to disobey what we say. We've started to see a bit of an attitude coming out in her (she may look like Jason, but she definitely got my personality - oops). If she's frustrated she immediately looks for something she can throw. We are trying to figure out how to discipline her at this age because I'm not sure she completely gets it yet. When do these kids start talking again??

We have been in Cincinnati/Kentucky now for 5 weeks and have totally settled in. Everly is slowly reverting to her old clingy self though. I leave her in childcare during church and at the gym, both of which she doesn't care for. She initially cries when I drop her off, but then calms down as long as one of the workers holds her the ENTIRE time. Then when I get her she runs to me crying and points at the toys like "let's play mom". Like no, you had your chance. Really hoping she branches out and starts playing with the other kids. Moving away always makes her retreat because of all of the new places and people I think. I'm trying to get her out and with other people and kids so that she branches out before the new baby, or I'm going to have to grow another two arms. The good thing is that her and Jason have been bonding so much and are having so much fun together, so that will definitely help when I have my hands full with the baby.

We have also started taking out things for the baby to try and teach Everly that they aren't hers. So far she just takes the swaddle blankets and tucks herself into the bassinet and steals the wubbanub. It's adorable - at least for now. Hopefully she understands these things aren't hers once baby arrives!


Toys & Activites

She's still loving all of the toys we bought her when we first moved here. She also loves playing in her laundry hamper and a cardboard box. We also bought playdough recently and she loves it. Took awhile to get her not to want to eat it though. We also love to get out of the house! Anyone else go stir crazy if they stay at home all day with a toddler? She loves going to the library for story time, to play with their toys and to take out new books (we weren't able to bring hers in the move so this has been so handy!). The best part is there are like 5 libraries within 20 minutes of us, so we could go to story time basically every day if we wanted. We also go to an indoor play area that has SO much for her to do, have been to the Aquarium, an amusement park, the playground on warm days, moms group (where she gets to play with all of the other kids at church) and the gym where she gets to play in their childcare area.


Let's just say she needs to eat constantly. I will give her lunch and then two seconds later she's asking for more or for a snack. Not to mention whenever we're out she always dives into the diaper bag looking for any and every snack. She loves brown rice noodles with marinara sauce, pumpkin pasta, chicken, avocados, tomatoes, lunch meat, hummus, rice with marinara veggies and ground beef and when we eat out she gets chicken fingers and bites of whatever Jason and I are eating. I also discovered she likes pumpkin puree the other day, she started taking spoonfuls out of the can while I was making pumpkin bread! For snacks I always have my oatmeal cookies, Larabars, Annie's organic bunnies, organic tortilla chips, strawberries and applesauce on hand. I have been making my own applesauce lately - just saute apples in lemon juice, water and cinnamon with the skin on until soft and then blend in the Vitamix until smooth! Oh and if I ever open the fridge and she sees the peanut butter, she NEEDS to have some.


She goes to bed around 7:30pm and has been waking up sometime between 7-8am most days. She naps once for around 2 hours sometime between 12-3. Lately though that nap has been leaning more towards 1.5 hours. Hoping she's not already getting over her naps! In the mornings she plays with her toys, we have breakfast, then get dressed and head out to the park, for a walk, or for story-time at the library. Then she'll nap, have lunch, and then we'll head out to the gym, to run errands, to an indoor play area or just get outside. Then she'll have dinner, have a bath, read some books, say a prayer and go to bed. I love how predictable her days are now and that we are on a good schedule. Hoping this sticks once the new baby arrives! She also has this need to always sit or lay on the floor wherever we go.


Most of the day involves giggles. She likes whenever anyone reacts to her or makes funny expressions at her. Her and Jason can make each other laugh like little kids, it's adorable. She loves crawling all over Jason, playing peak-a-boo and really just getting attention from anyone. She loves running around and being chased and tickling people.


She was grumpy quite a bit at the beginning of this month because of having an earache and teething. Her cries are getting louder and louder, and come quickly if she isn't getting what she wants. She also does not like being in the car for a long time - does anyone's kid like being in the car? I give her toys, snacks, her soother, play super annoying baby music and sometimes nothing works. Send me your suggestions! She also always cries when I'm at the doctors and have to lay down, like during my ultrasound. I don't know if she's worried or what, but it's so sad seeing her cry.


This month Everly went to her first pumpkin patch, on her first hayride and barrel train ride, went trick-or-treating for the first time, went to Jason's first game as a Cyclones, went to her first aquarium, had her first babycinno and went to her first amusement park! She has also started saying yummy, baby and hey.



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