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Stacey Kasdorf

Kidloland Learning App

We were big on no screen time for Everly in her first year of life and are still very intentional with it. No cell phone games, no tv shows, etc. This is something that was important to Jason and I, no judgement if it isn't important to you. We all have our things! We have become more lenient with it since Rosie joined us though. I knew I would need to be more flexible with this because I knew there would be times where I just needed to stay sane. I didn't want to just sit her infront of a tv though or use electronics as a babysitter, so when I was approached by Kidloland to try out their educational app I knew it was a perfect fit! I wanted to start using it before Rosie arrived so that Everly kind of knew how to use it and could navigate the different learning tools. She has used it probably 10 times now, when I was pregnant and TIRED, on long car rides or plane trips, when we are stuck inside if Jason has the car or when I'm feeding Rosie. I still try and limit it to under 30 minutes/day and always try and use it with her to help her learn. After using it for over a month now I can say I LOVE it. It is seriously packed with so many songs, games, learning activities, flash-cards and nursery rhymes. Some of it is beyond Everly's age, but you can filter what shows up on the app by age which is extremely helpful. She has learned her animals, animal sounds, colors, numbers and nursery rhymes. I will share some of her favorite areas below!


This has helped her associate the names of the animals with the sounds. It's so cute watching her mimic the sounds, especially the rooster! I find this app helpful because there are some animal sounds I can just not make, so it's a good way for her to hear the actual sound. One of her faves is the Old McDonald song.

Nursery Rhymes

I love this because Everly gets to sing a lot of these same songs at library story-time, so it's nice that she can learn them a bit better and see some of the actions. Now when she's fussy in the car I just sing her the nursery rhymes she knows and she loves it.


I love this section for plane rides or when it isn't practical to haul books around with us. There are two settings, either the story can be read to you or you can read the story. At this age I have the story read to her, but eventually she will be able to read it herself which will be nice.


These can be songs, stories or just pictures showing different types of things, saying what they're called and how people use them. This has been great to help her learn different words and see them in application.


This one is a bit beyond Everly right now, but I'm so excited for her to grow into it. The app shows a little monster dancing and then shows Everly on the screen so she can mimic it dancing (see below). I can't wait for her to understand the moves and be able to dance alongside the monster and see herself!

I definitely recommend this app for parents who want to be intentional about screen-time for their kids. There is so much more than what I shared above, and could definitely keep any kid entertained for a very long period of time and grow with them. It makes me feel a bit less guilty about putting Everly in front of a screen and I love watching her learn and grow. Let me know if you have tried this app below or other apps you love as a mom!



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