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Stacey Kasdorf

Labor & Delivery Story

Grab some popcorn because I'm going into all of the detail with my labor & delivery story! Partly to share with all of you that have been asking, and partly because I don't want to forget it. My due date (November 26th) had come and gone and I felt like the baby was just never going to come. It's like once they miss that window they're stuck inside you forever. You'll know what I mean if you've ever gone past your due date. Jason and I went in for another doctors appointment on November 31st just to make sure baby was still happy inside of me. My doctor checked me and I was 3cm, which didn't say much because I had been 2cm's for a few weeks already. Jason and I decided to "recreate" the night before Everly was born by going out for dinner and dessert. We went to the Taste of Belgium OTR, ordered lots of delicious food and then walked over to Holtman's donuts and got 6 donuts. I figured week 41 doesn't technically exist in pregnancy so neither should the calories. Am I right mamas?? It was such a fun night with the three of us and the weather was beautiful. We got home and put Everly to bed and the baby would not stop moving as usual. I told Jason the baby was going to come the next day because it felt SO low. Like fall out of me low.

We went to bed early because I wanted to be fully rested and ready to go. Well sure enough that night I kept having dreams I was in labor, only to wake up and realize I had started getting contractions. It was just after 5am and I started timing them. They were about 4-5 minutes apart but somewhat sporadic. I didn't want to wake Jason because I wanted him to be fully rested to help me during labor. I decided to take a warm bath to ease the pain and it actually helped a lot. Once I got out the contractions started getting closer and stronger so I woke Jason around 7am and told him to pack his bag (he likes doing everything last minute). I also texted my friend who would be watching Everly and she got in her car to come pick her up. At that point my contractions were about 3 minutes apart and really strong, so I texted my doctor and he said to head to the hospital. We decided it was time to wake Everly up and we told her the baby was coming. A huge smile spread across her face and she just kept saying "baby" as we got her ready. It was so sweet, it's like she knew! When my friend Christin took her she didn't cry or get sad at all, which made leaving her a lot easier. Then Jason and I got in the car and headed to the hospital. At this point my contractions were getting bad and sitting made it that much worse, and then of course we got stuck in traffic.

We finally made it to the hospital at 9am and it took us like 20 minutes to get up to labor and delivery on the 9th floor because I kept having to stop for my contractions. Everyone kept offering me a wheelchair, but I knew sitting would make it worse. Once we made it up I was basically in tears from the pain, well not basically, I was. They got me in a room right away and got me in a gown so they could check me. I was 6 cm's already which was exciting! It took me like 15 hours to get that far with Everly even after my water broke. They asked if I wanted an epidural and I said no (I really wanted to try and go natural), so they called my doctor to come in because I would progress really fast at that point. Well a few minutes later I couldn't take the pain and just kept thinking I still have hours of pushing in front of me and possible tearing/cutting (I had to push for 2 hours with Everly and had an episiotomy). Imagining that pain had me asking for an epidural real quick. Jason really made sure I wanted it because I told him to encourage me to go natural if I could. I told him I was sure. Well turns out I was transitioning which is exactly why I was in so much pain! My doctor arrived just before I was going to get the epidural and checked me and I was 8cm's. He said he could break my water and we could have the baby right then and there, but I seriously just kept envisioning a grueling ending and needed that epidural. Well they gave me the epidural and like some cruel joke it didn't work!! Like I had heard of this happening before and just didn't believe it was a thing. The worst part is that it totally numbed my legs so that I couldn't stand, but I could still fully feel my contractions. If you've ever had contractions you'll know that having them laying down is the worst! Jason was right by my side and I basically broke his hand squeezing for the next hour or so (he thought it was funny to snap some pics during my contractions - see below). They kept hitting this button to up the dose of the epidural, but it only numbed my legs more and more so I told them to stop pushing the button. The doctor came in and asked if I wanted him to break my water to speed things up and I said yes. Once he broke my water the epidural kicked in of course. It was the worst and best timing. I couldn't really feel where to push, but at least I didn't feel the tearing and episiotomy which he needed to do again. I also got a hemorrhoid (TMI?) from pushing, same as with Everly. I thankfully only had to push a few times after that and he got the baby out!

We didn't know the gender so Jason announced it, and when he said girl I couldn't believe it! We were both saying how surprised we would be if it was a girl on the way to the hospital. We couldn't have been happier to welcome another healthy baby girl into our family though! She was born at 12:01pm, only 3 hours after we arrived at the hospital. After she came out I did skin-to-skin for about an hour, the doctor stitched me up and we waited for me to get the feeling back in my legs. After over an hour I still couldn't even wiggle my toes so they had to wheel me over to the recovery rooms in my bed. I felt so silly not being able to walk. I think it took 4-5 hours for me to even be able to get out of bed, so they had to put a catheter in. In those hours where I was stuck in bed we had to decide on a name. We had narrowed it down to a few, but couldn't decide! We were so convinced it was a boy we didn't put much thought into the girls names. I felt so much pressure in those few hours to name our little girl! We finally decided on Rosie because it is so feminine and cute and we love Ro for a nickname, and Loren is a combination of our moms names (Lori and Helen).

Once I got the feeling back in my legs we got my friend Christin to bring Everly by to meet Rosie. She was so sweet and brought us balloons, bought a "big sister" outfit for Everly and a few outfits for Rosie! Did I mention that I had only met this woman a few times before this?? God is seriously always putting such amazing people in our lives to bless us. Everly was a bit unsure of the whole situation, but was so excited to see us (especially Jason because I was holding Rosie) and gave Rosie a few hugs and kisses. Christin took Everly back to her house for the night and Jason and I spent the night in the hospital. Rosie was a champ at breastfeeding and latched on right away. It also helped that I knew what I was doing so it wasn't as painful as with Everly. We felt confident we could leave the next day so the hospital discharged us around 5pm. My parents arrived in Cincinnati shortly before that so they went and picked Everly up and met us at our place. They stayed for the week and it was such a blessing. It allowed me to get out of the house with both girls and feel "normal" again. I'm sure I won't be leaving the house on my own with the two of them any time soon and I'm totally okay with that.

Overall labor was way quicker and easier than with Everly and I am so grateful for it! I was 5 days overdue with her and 6 days overdue when I had Everly. Seems like my body likes holding on for a little extra time. She was 7 lbs 13 oz and 20.5 inches long. She has a full head of dark hair just like Everly did and is just the cutest little thing. I could stare at her all day long. We see a lot of similarities between her and Everly, and it was hard not to call her Everly in the beginning! My recovery has been pretty good so far. I am taking ibuprofen to help with the pain from the stitches and Rosie does really well at nights so I am getting a good amount of rest. I am also SO grateful for Jason who has been doing so much around the house to help out and taking care of Everly. I still can't believe we are a family of four with two little girls!



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