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Stacey Kasdorf

Rosie's 2-Month Update

Here we are again, another month has come and gone and the days are flying by. Rosie is getting so big, like growing way quicker than I ever remember Everly growing. Her 0-3 month clothes are getting really snug and I just can't bear to put her in 3-6 yet. I want her to stay a little baby forever! But then I get a sweet little smile from her and I just can't wait for her to grow up. I love seeing her personality come out. She seems like such a sweet soul and I have a feeling she's going to be much more compliant than Everly. It's so easy to calm her down, she rarely cries and she loves snuggles. I thought Everly was easy but Rosie is even easier. Maybe it's all relative now, but either way I'll take it! She's my little dreamboat.

Everly is all over Rosie 24/7. She's slowly warming up to her and it's so sweet to watch! She says Roe Roe first thing when she wakes up and she's the first person we have to see. She says "hi" to her all the time, holds her hand, sits near her (or on her), kisses her, rests her head on her stomach and just wants to be near her. It is the cutest thing ever. Usually Rosie puts up with it until Everly pulls her arm or actually sits on her. It's a 24 hour job just to keep her alive. Oh and if Rosie starts crying Everly runs over and shoves her soother in her mouth - she thinks she's helping.



I am still following baby wise and it is working like a charm. I feed Rosie around 8, then she sleeps until 10:30-11 then I wake her and feed her again, then I put her down for the night. She had been waking up around 5 to feed and then went right back down and then woke up at 7:30-8 for the day. This past week though she's been waking up for the first time around 6:30-7, so I think she's almost letting go of her middle of the night feed. It's amazing how babywise works. It's so nice to finally feel like I'm getting a good nights sleep! She also naps no problem during the day and has started taking her soother more which has been so nice. She either naps on the couch in a little nest of blankets, in her fisher price rock n' play or the Graco rocker. If we are out and about she'll nap in her carseat or her carrier. Babywise says not to hold your baby while they sleep so that they don't get used to being in your arms, but sometimes when we are out and about she has to sleep in the carrier. This doesn't happen very often so it hasn't affected her. If we are at home and I put her in the carrier to get things done I always take her out right when I see her falling asleep. She transitions no problem, which is so nice.


Breast feeding has been going great. The one difference between Everly and Rosie is that Everly always ate from both sides (which baby wise recommends), but Rosie refuses to. It's like she's full to the brim after one side, which is nice because it's way quicker to feed her! My milk must be coming in strong. I'm still feeding her every 2.5-3 hours, except for at night when she wakes up on her own to eat. I've also had to pump a few times because I feel like I've got more than she wants to eat, which I was never able to do with Everly. It's nice to have so that Jason can bottle feed her if he wants. We haven't yet but plan on trying in the next few weeks to see if she'll take a bottle, just in case she needs to in the future (so far I just take her everywhere with me or come back before she needs to eat).

Daily Life

She has started staying awake for longer periods which is so nice. Her eyes are getting more alert and she's started to smile! She likes doing tummy time as long as me and or Everly is beside her. It's like she wants the company. If she's awake and we leave the room she starts crying, but then we come back and talk to her and she's all good. It's so cute and probably why Everly always says "hi" to her. She also loves laying in the sun that comes through the window and loves being in her blooming bath. When we leave the house she's either in her car seat, which she initially hates but then always calms down and falls asleep or a Lillebaby carrier. It's honestly so easy leaving the house with her now, especially with her feeding times being scheduled. I just make sure we're either in the car or somewhere I can sit when she needs to eat. I usually always time it so that we leave the house right after I feed her so that we have a good chunk of time before she needs to eat again.


She smiled for the first time this month which is my favorite thing! She also went to another one of Jason's games and was so great. I actually ventured to the game by myself with Everly and Rosie and it went way better than I imagined! We met some of my friends there who helped when Everly dropped things - which was often. I'm so glad we went!



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