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Stacey Kasdorf

Rosie's 4-Month Update

Just like that Rosie is 4 months old. She got sick for the first time this month which was no fun. She definitely got it from her sister who gives her snotty nosed kisses all day long. She had a few days of diarrhea, a stuffy nose and a cough. The worst part is that it made it hard for her to breath while she was sleeping on her back, so I had to use the nose sucker to clear out her boogies. Thank goodness it only lasted a few days and she never got a fever or anything.

I love her chubby cheeks, her sweet smile and the occasional giggle we get out of her. She's such a sweetie and such a trooper when Everly insists on holding her and being up in her business. She naps really well, feeds well and is basically a go-with-the-flow kind of baby. She did start making strange a bit with some people the last few days and would only stop crying if I held her. I'm hoping she grows out of that quickly! She definitely likes attention and if people are holding her she likes if they stand and walk around.

She absolutely loves Jason. Whenever he's next to her and talking she always turns her head towards him and just stares. It's the cutest thing ever. I love that both girls love their dad so much. He's so sweet with both of them. Rosie also has the cutest little rolls all over her body. She's way chubbier than Everly ever got and I love it. I just want to pinch her cheeks and thighs all day long. She's in 6 month clothes and I just wnat her to stop growing! The best is after she eats and after she wakes up she just has the hugest smile on her face. She loves when people talk to her and make little noises.



She has been sleeping good, but not totally through the night yet. I feed her around 8:30pm and then put her down for the night. She's been waking up between 5-6am so I feed her again and then she'll go down until around 7-8am. I'm hoping she drops that 5-6am feed soon, but it's really nothing to complain about, I'm getting lots of sleep! She's still sleeping in her bassinet, and probably will be until we get back to Winnipeg and get her a crib. She naps really well during the day, but can't sleep through everything anymore. Now once I see she's falling asleep I take her into our bedroom so that Everly doesn't wake her up every 5 minutes. She has a few cat naps throughout the day and then usually one 2 hour nap in the afternoon.


She still eats every 2.5 - 3 hours, but feeds quickly which is nice. I have been trying to pump once a day to keep my milk supply up and have some on hand if Jason ever needs to give her a bottle. Sometimes we give her one even when we don't need to just to get her used to it. She takes it really well which is great! She's also getting to the age where she gets distracted when I'm feeding her. If she hears Jason talk she'll look over at him, or she'll just pull off and look up at me and smile. It's the cutest thing! She also had a really bright green poo the other day and was seeming uncomfortable, and my sister said it could be from dairy, which happened to her baby boy. I have always limited dairy because it doesn't agree with me, but I am going to try and completely cut it out for a few days and see if it helps Rosie out.

Daily Life

She's awake quite a bit now which is fun. Ev likes to "play" with her, hold her, say hi to her and generally just bother her. It's been so nice seeing more of her personality. She loves to smile and giggle and kick her little legs. She's always great in the car, the stroller or the carrier if we go out. I just have to make sure I have a soother on hand and she's happy. She also loves bath time in the Blooming Bath. I think she could stay in there for hours if we let her. It's like a little hot tub for her. She's getting better at tummy time and it can last a few minutes now. Ev usually lays down with her and talks to her. When we go to story time with Ev Rosie is usually awake now and lays with us while we sing the songs. She also went to a few of Jason's last hockey games and liked the first period but finds it harder to fall asleep with all of the noise now.


She went to Disney on Ice for the first time! Obviously she had no idea what was going on and slept through most of it, but she didn't cry so that was a bonus.


Oma, Opa, Auntie Selena and Ben came to visit her this month! I think she liked all of the attention and cuddles from everyone.



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