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Stacey Kasdorf

Staycation at the Victoria Inn

Jason and I had a little staycation a month ago, and I thought it would be so fun to do one with the girls! The Victoria Inn is undergoing a huge renovation, including adding a Dino Water Park and themed rooms for kids. It had everything we knew the girls would love, well at least Everly, Rosie has fun no matter what we're doing. When we first got into our room we were greeted by the cutest pillows for Everly and Rosie, which I now know are called Squishmallows. They are seriously my new favorite thing and I want to collect all of them. This is Winston and PRince (they come with name tags).

We stayed in the Journey to Churchill room that had polar bears and northern lights all over the walls in the girls room, which also had two sets of bunk beds. I seriously can't wait to go back there once we have more kids that are older so they can all stay together. Once the girls explored the room, we got our bathing suits on and headed straight to the waterpark! Ev immediately ran into the water to the little dinosaur slide. The best part about the pool is that it has a beach entrance so kids can just walk in. Rosie and I were able to just play there and splash around whille Jason and Ev went down the waterslide. Ev couldn't get enough of the big slide and made Jason and I take her probably 20 times in a row. It was so fun watching how excited she got! She also loved the big dinosaurs everywhere and couldn't stop talking about them and how they were scary. It was so cute. We warmed up in the hot tub and headed back to our room to get ready for dinner.

​We ate at Chicago Joe's which is next to the lobby of the hotel. It was cold and snowy outside so having a restaurant to eat at in the hotel was so nice! Especially with two little kids. The service and food were both amazing and the girls loved it. My favorite part was that the kids menu had pictures so Ev could just point at what she wanted! Obviously she got the mac and cheese, and Jason got the steak and I got the ribs. All were amazing.

We had an early night and watched a show with Ev once we put Rosie to bed. Despite all of the bunk beds she didn't want to stay in them so she ended up sleeping with us, which we never do. I think she felt uncomfortable in a new place though so we let her. That girl tosses and turns ALL night though. It's like she's having the craziest dreams all night. Thankfully we had a huge king bed so we all fit, een with her flailing.

Once the girls were up we played in the room for a bit, Ev couldn't stop climbing up and down the bunk beds. Then we headed down to the pool for another swim and waterslides. The girls both just love the water and it was so much fun watching them enjoy it. Seriously having kids makes everything so much more fun!

​We will definitely be heading back to the Victoria Inn with the girls. We found out you can have a birthday party there with 12 guests, so maybe we'll do it for Ev's third birthday! If you're interested in spending a night there, or want to get this as a gift for your kids for Christmas, or have visitors coming in over the holidays, visit the Victoria Inn Website and use code STACEY for 33% off your stay! The promotional code can be used until the end of 2018, but your stay can be whenever! Also, why did they offer 33 as the percentage off?? It's because they found out that was Jason's number in hockey. How sweet is that?? The attention to detail by the staff was amazing and I know they'll do the same for you!



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