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Stacey Kasdorf

Rosie in ONEderland

Rosie Loren is a few days short of one but we celebrated her birthday a few days ago while all of our family was in town. I decided on the same theme that I used for Everly's first birthday because I had kept all of the decorations and we decided pretty last minute to have Rosie's party so I knew it would save me a lot of time. I was honestly so excited to do the Alice in Wonderland theme again because it's my favorite! I set up a tea party centerpiece on the table, playing cards for the queen of hearts around the food, special cups for the kids that say "drink me" and signs about the rabbit hole around the house.

We kept the party small with just our immediate families. It seems silly to have a big party for a one year old who won't even remember it (but then again so are decorations they won't remember). It's nice having it small so that she didn't get overwhelmed by a room full of people she didn't recognize. She knew everyone and was happy for the most part, except she had such a bad cold so she was really clingy to me, which I didn't mind. I felt so bad for her, she had a runny nose and such a bad cough. I decided to do the cake first because I knew she would need a nap right after the party started. After a few tastes of the cake she was ready for her nap and basically slept through her whole party. It was her party, and she can sleep if she wants to.



We had way too much food as per usual, but I just love getting food ready for parties and having lots of options for everyone! My mom, sister, Jason and mother-in-law helped out a lot as well. to make everything happen. The party menu:

  • Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches

  • Granola and Yogurt

  • Egg & Cauliflower Casserole

  • Bacon

  • Croissants with different spreads

  • Fruit Tray

  • Candies & Chocolates in the Tea Cups

  • Chocolate Banana PB Cake (sugar free)

I made the same cake for Rosie that I did for Everly. The recipe is here that I found on Pinterest. I wanted to make a cake for her but didn't want it to have any refined sugar. I didn't have time to come up with my own recipe (or the stomach since being pregnant), so I figured finding one someone else perfected was best! Rosie was very unsure at first, but after a few pokes with her finger she kept going back for more. It was so cute, Everly joined her and they both were going to town on the icing. Ev thought it was so special too because she usually doesn't get to have cake.



Rosie wore the infamous Mad Hatter hat and the table was set up as a tea party like in the movie. I used a bunch of random tea cups and saucers I got from Jason's Oma and a complete tea set my mom got from my grandma. I scattered them across 4 grass squares I found to give the table some greenery. I filled empty spaces with fake flowers and pearl strings (still leftover from our wedding). I added height dimension by putting a few tea cups on stacks of books, and a few on top of each other. I also put a tea pots among the tea cups. The centerpiece was a cake stand I made from vintage plates and tea cups that I found at a second-hand store. Jason just glued them all together with super glue. I filled all of the tea cups with candies and chocolates that I got from bulk barn.

I also wanted incorporate the Queen of Hearts. I hung cards above the island where the food was, and also scattered them among the serving dishes. I also found playing card napkins and a heart and spade shaped serving dish! It all came together so perfect.

I got cute little drinking bottles with polka dot straws and put labels on them that said drink me. The little cousins loved these and got to take one home as a favor and they filled it with candy and chocolates from the table!

I strung the numbers 1-12 behind her chair with pictures from each month of her life, and above it read Rosie In Onederland. I got the letters from party stuff for Ev's birthday and have used them numerous times since.

I also made some quirky signs that Alice finds in Wonderland for when people walked in.

Alice in Wonderland Party Theme

Overall the party was a huge success and I'm so glad that both of our families were able to be there!



Where I bought the decorations:

Party Stuff:

Mad Hatter Headband

Gold Letters for the sign

Playing Card Napkins


Polka Dot Drinking Bottles

Grass Table Squares

Playing Cards

Pink Clock

Artificial Flowers

Second Hand Stores:

Gold Charger Plates

Tea Cups and Plates to make serving platter

Heart and Spade Shaped Bowls

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