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Stacey Kasdorf

The Fit Girl Gang

This post is for all my ladies! I wanted to share more about what the workout program I have been doing called The Fit Girl Gang, because it's hard to describe it in a quick Instagram post or story. I will share the logistics and details of the workout program below, but I wanted to also share my first hand experience. I love working out because of how it makes me feel, the energy it gives me to chase my girls around and the example it sets for them to take care of themselves and live a healthy lifestyle. I started doing TFGG a few months after Rosie was born. I was having a really tough time losing the last 10 lbs of baby weight and didn't feel comfortable in my skin. I felt weak and had back/hip issues from my pregnancy. I wanted to feel strong again and capable of chasing after my girls. I started the program and right away felt motivated by the accountability groups online. I loved being able to see other women do the workout on the same day as me and kind of be held accountable to be doing it myself. I also loved that it was a relatively quick workout that I could do from the gym or from home. After a few weeks I started seeing my strength come back and I felt good in my skin again. I felt proud of what my body was capable of and I felt stronger than I did pre-babies. The workouts change up every two weeks so I never got bored, and the results I was seeing kept me motivated to keep going.

I have now been doing TFGG during my pregnancy and just modifying where I need to. I sub out all of the ab exercises for pelvic floor exercises and make sure my heart rate doesn't get too high by taking more breaks. There have been a few weeks this pregnancy where I have slacked off and not worked out and I have felt a HUGE difference in the way my body feels. Everything loosens, there's more pressure on my lower tummy and I have low energy. My goal is to start fresh again on May 20th for the next round and go hard for 2 months before the baby comes! Once the baby comes I will take a 6 week break and then try out TFGG Mama (see details below). If you are considering joining this program I highly recommend it, no matter what your stage in life or your fitness level. If you have any questions, leave them below or DM me on Instagram. Visit this link for 15% off your lifetime membership, just say staceykasdorf sent you! Keep reading for everything that is included in your membership:

The Fit Girl Gang (TFGG)

The Fit Girl Gang is a female fitness community that was founded in 2017 by Johanna Seier. TFGG has since grown to 2,100 members from around the world. We are an inclusive community of mothers, daughters, professionals, creatives, and students of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels.

TFGG was inspired by the real-life fitness community that Johanna developed through her bootcamp classes back in 2013. Although there were tons of online programs available at the time, none allowed for the same support systems, friendships, or accountability that you could get in-person. TFGG was designed to eliminate the geographical, scheduling, and financial barriers that come with in-person classes and personal training, but create the same community that leads to a long-term commitment to fitness and health.

How the Gang Works:

TFGG is dramatically different than most fitness programs and communities out there. One of the biggest differentiating factors is that we begin each round of training on the same day. It doesn’t matter what TFGG Training program a member is on, we all begin on the same start date. This allows for real-time support from other members and our TFGG coaches. Every two weeks, members get access to new training programs, new exercise reference videos, goal setting videos, nutritional information videos, and so much more.

A TFGG Lifetime Membership Includes:

  • TFGG Original, TFGG Upgrade, TFGG LIFT, and TFGG Perform Training Programs

  • these programs are to be done in order, as they are designed to progress as your fitness level does. Each time a member finishes a Round of TFGG, they will gain access to the next program


  • this is an at-home post-natal program, designed for new Mamas with busy lives


  • workouts that are equipment-free and can be done anywhere in the world. TFGG Travel also comes with tips and tricks to help you stay accountable with your fitness & nutrition goals, and take the stress out of travelling as much as possible

  • Nutritional Habit Integration System

  • video chats that go in depth on what healthy eating actually means, and how you can shift your dietary habits for good

  • TFGG Recipe Bank

  • all the healthy recipes you can imagine


  • our restaurant ordering guide that gives healthy eating recommendations in the 50 most popular restaurants. These include both fast food and more upscale dining.

  • The Self Love Project

  • a step by step video-based program for those struggling with confidence and self-acceptance

  • Three Good Days

  • our mental and physical positive reset program

  • TFGG Facebook Group

  • 24/7 community support. This is also where Johanna holds Live Chat Q&A’s 2-3 times each week



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