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Stacey Kasdorf

Dufresne Style | Custom Sofa & Loveseat

We are days away from being in our new house and I couldn't be more excited! Everything is coming together, and I love seeing all of the new pieces in our home. One thing that Jason and I were adamant on was having an amazing sofa and loveseat. Our house is small, so we only have one main sitting area where basically all our time will be spent. We wanted to make sure we had a sofa that both looked good and was comfortable for every day life. We bought quite a few pieces for our home from online retailers, like lights and plumbing fixtures don't need to be seen in person. I started looking online for sofas, but quickly realized that it made no sense to make such a big purchase without first being able to see the product. A sofa needs to be sat on, the material needs to be felt, the color needs to be seen off screen and the quality assessed. This led us to look for brick and mortar stores in our area that offered lots of selection but still at a good price point. We ended up partnering with Dufresne and I couldn't be happier with our experience so far!

I am so excited to walk you through our sofa buying process with them and for you to see what we decided on. What I loved most is their customer service and the size of their showroom. When we walked into their store we were immediately greeted by a sales lady who got right down to business. We told her we were in the market for a sofa and loveseat, she asked us our style and then walked us around the showroom showing us our available options. Our must-haves were: modern, comfortable, big enough for Jason, durable for the girls and a low profile back because our house is open concept. We sat on a bunch of sofas that fit our criteria, looked at color options and prices and narrowed it down to a few options. These were them:


We liked the leather sofa because it would be easier to clean than fabric, but fabric is just so cozy so we took that one off the list. We also realized with our space that a sectional wouldn't work, then another one was too big for our space and on one the back was too low for Jason. We ultimately decided on the Marco Sofa (the second picture). We were looking for something that had a clean simple design, was comfortable to lay down on and had a lower back (just in case we end up putting it in front of our bay window). The Marco ticked all of these boxes and we love how it looks! We also found out that this sofa was customizable so we could build it to fit our style and taste.


There must have been a hundred different fabric swatches to choose from for the sofa, so with the help of the sales associate we gathered together all of the light grey options and laid them out. Some were more stain resistant, others more durable, some velvet, some a little more textured - the options were endless. I wanted something that would hold up to kids, so I didn't want to go too light in color or soft in material. We ultimately decided on the Walden Grey, second from the right in the below picture.


This sofa also came with decorative pillows, so we got to look through another group of fabrics for those. I actually let Jason pick these as I had picked out almost everything else for our house. I was pleasantly surprised with his choice. He decided on the Forsythia Yellow, which has some branches and yellow accents. I think it will go really well in the house!


Next I found out we got to customize the legs as well! I was SO happy about this because in the showroom they were chrome, but we don't have any silver hardware or accents in our house. There were so many options for the legs. They have 6 wood finishes and two metal finishes. We decided on black wood because our bar stool legs are black and our table legs will be black as well.

Once we customized everything our order was placed! Obviously custom sofas take longer to make, so the delivery window was 6-8 weeks. I can't wait to get the sofa and loveseat and see them in our space. I will be sharing them once they're in our house, so stay tuned! If you have any questions about our experience with Dufresne leave them below or head to my contact page. Head to the Dufresne website to see all of their selection!



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