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Stacey Kasdorf

Living with Dufresne Style

We have had our Marco Sofa & Loveseat from Dufresne for a little over a month now and I am in love! Everyone who comes to our place comments on them and how nice they look. The two things people notice are how deep the seat is and how comfortable they are. The low profile is perfect for our open concept space and I am so happy with our choice. Every time I walk into our place they put a smile on my face.



I have seen a lot of good looking sofas that aren't actually comfortable, which wasn't an option for us. We only have one main seating area as our house is small so we knew these sofas would get a lot of traffic. The girls play on the sofas all day long, Everly falls asleep on them and Jason and I spend our evenings sitting on them. I am so glad that these sofas are super comfortable. They are also firm, so they will hold up over time. We tested out a few sofas that were so soft and comfy and you just sunk into them, but we realized they would look frumpy in no time and we wanted a couch that would look put together as it would always be seen in our open concept space. The Marco set was the best of both worlds.



Another option that we knew we needed was an extended warranty. We did pick a more durable fabric for our sofa and loveseat, but with three kids three and under I knew we needed to protect them beyond the 1 year manufacturers warranty. We got an additional 4 years of protection on parts and labour if anything goes wrong with the sofas. This gives me such a piece of mind with little kids and by the time the warranty is up Zara will be 5 years old, so hopefully they know will know by then how to be more careful.


Beyond their comfort and good looks, these sofas are made to last. The quality is impeccable, every seam is perfect and you can tell they are very high quality. The legs are solid wood, the cushions are filled just the right amount and the arms are sturdy. I feel good knowing that these sofas will hold up from getting so much use.


My 19-month old, Rosie, has already managed to color on them with red marker. At first I panicked, but I quickly grabbed soap and water and was able to rub it out so easily. You can't even tell she ever colored on them. The fabric is so durable that I could scrub really hard without seeing any wear. This honestly makes me so much more relaxed knowing we will always have kids running around in our house. We also have the girls friends over quite often and it's nice to not have to watch over all of them like a hawk making sure they don't put anything on the sofas that they shouldn't.

Overall we give the Marco Sofa & Loveseat a 10/10. We are going to start adding decor, end tables and finishing touches in the room over the next few months and I can't wait to see everything come together! It is so nice having the biggest furniture in the room purchased, because I feel like they are our statement pieces that everything else will now revolve around. Visit Dufresne in store or online today to check out what deals they have running!



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