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Stacey Kasdorf

Merry Maids Enhanced Disinfection Service

I got our house professionally cleaned for the first time ever, and I'm officially hooked. Merry Maids Canada came to our house and completed their Enhanced Disinfection Service. This is a new additional service that provides your home with an added level of protection regular cleaning simply can’t do. Their staff use high-grade disinfectants, approved by Health Canada to fight COVID-19. These hospital grade disinfectants have been proven to effectively kill bacteria and viruses like COVID-19 on hard surfaces. What did I love most about coming home after they cleaned? That it didn't smell like bleach or any harsh chemicals. It smelt clean, fresh and liveable. I haven't seen our kitchen so white since the day we moved in. We've had our friends over more recently as the restrictions are lifting, as well as Zara's birthday party, so it felt good to get a deep clean of the house and start fresh.

The Merry Maids' team also has enhanced safety protocols in place to deal with Covid-19. For instance, they use colour-coded cloths to ensure true cleanliness and no cross-contamination during cleanings. During an Enhanced Disinfection Service, staff follow a refined cleaning checklist with a focus on high-touch surfaces. This gives me peace of mind when I come home as I know each room has been cleaned thoroughly and effectively. The staff also come to your home equipped with protective gear, and sanitize their equipment before and after entering/exiting your home. They followed social distancing protocols with their “no contact” cleaning, and receive regular health checks.

They have a high touch point checklist to make sure they don't forget any of the areas that will hold the most germs. The other thing I loved was the little touches. They lined our bathroom garbage cans, folded our toilet paper really pretty, folded our towels, laid out our bathroom mats nicely and organized any clutter they found. It honestly felt like I came home to a hotel, which if you know me, you know is my favorite thing ever.

As a mom I feel like I am constantly picking up toys, tidying rooms, doing the dishes, etc. Do you know what I forget to do (or am too tired to do)? Dust the baseboards, do a full bathroom clean and get behind the toilet, wipe down the kitchen cabinets and appliances, clean out the microwave and give the bath a good scrub. Merry Maids took care of all of this and more. The windows were spotless, the mirrors didn't have fingerprints, I could actually see through our glass shower door, the walls were clean and everything in-between. I'm just trying to figure out how I can convince Jason to have them come back every month.


They also left flowers, a card and a hand written letter telling us what they did. Plus a few $50 coupons for friends! Good news is you can all use code STACEY to get $50 off your first cleaning with them! I highly recommend their services. This would also be great as a gift for a mom, a busy friend, or someone who just hates cleaning. You can find them here on Instagram and Facebook. If you have any questions about the cleaning leave them below or DM me on Instagram and I'll get back to you!




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