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Stacey Kasdorf

Master Bedroom Makeover

When we bought our house the master bedroom needed a major renovation (well the whole house did). We took it into this century by increasing the size of the closet, adding a shower to the ensuite bathroom, adding a new light fixture, painting and re-carpeting. We furnished it with our queen bed and Jason's old furniture and it left a lot to be desired. When Dufresne reached out about partnering to give our master bedroom a much needed makeover, we were totally on board! We had such a good experience last time we worked with them that it was a no brainer. Their selection of furniture is incredible and they told me they had exactly what we were looking for. The issue with our room is that it's small, 138" x 136" to be exact, so we had to get creative with our choices. Here are some before photos of what it looked like.


Jason has been asking for a King bed since we got married (he's 6'4"), but our bedroom is small and I wasn't sure we could make it work. We needed a bed with a large storage drawer because we would have to get rid of our dresser to make room for the king bed. We also wanted it to be a light beige color and have a tufted headboard. I searched for months and came up with nothing that fit our description. We waited 7 years for this so I wanted to be sure we would love it for a long time! We found out about the William bed at Dufresne and knew it was exactly what we needed. First of all it's custom, so you can style it to your taste. Everything always looks different in a showroom, so I was able to bring home my top 4 fabric choices and put them up in my bedroom to make sure the color worked with our paint and carpet. It's nice to know you're getting exactly what you want for such a big purchase! Plus the bed had a huge storage drawer at the base of the bed. We decided on a light linen color and a tufted look for the headboard. They had about 20 different styles of headboard to choose from, and more fabric options that I could count. The storage drawer was huge and fit everything from the dresser! Getting a bigger bed actually made our room feel bigger because we were able to get rid of all of the extra furniture, plus it's light and bright.


I had seen mirrors beside the bed on Pinterest and I loved the look, plus it would make the room appear larger. I wanted something with a cool shape and detail and the WIlliamette mirrors totally fit that description! They are so gorgeous, plus I loved the darker color to add some depth to the room and contrast beside the bed.


Next we added drapes to soften the room. I went with a lightweight white curtain that puddles on the floor. They tie everthing together and I love how much warmer it makes the room feel! I often keep them closed during the day for privacy, but they still let in all of the sunlight.


Next we needed new night stands to match our bed. I wanted something light to keep the space open, and came across the Bellaby nightstands in whitewash from Dufresne. I Love the color and the fact that they have a little storage shelf and a drawer. They also have USB ports that attach to the back to keep all of your chords out of sight! It is solid and well made and I absolutely love them in our space.


I have always wanted a gallery wall but never knew where to put it. We had one big bare wall in our Master and I knew it would be the perfect spot! I got 9 white wood frames from Opposite Wall in 12x16 and got prints from Costco to fill them (fyi you can only get prints in 12x18 so I had to cut mine down to size). It was so easy to get it up using a laser level and command strips and I LOVE how it completes the room.


Lastly I brought in some plants for color, a few decorative pieces for my nightstand, books and a small diffuser. Oh we also hung a full length mirror, because we don't have any full length mirrors in the house and needed one in our bedroom! Most of the decorative pieces are from Home Sense so I can't link them, but let me know below if you have questions on anything!


Size of our room:

How to position curtains: We did 6" above the window frame, and as far over as we could go with the wall. They recommend 4-6" to the side of each window

Paint color: Sherwin Williams Repose Grey

Bedding: Duvet insert, duvet cover (linked similar), pillows (decorative pillow is from Home Sense)

Planter: Home Sense (they have the most affordable planters!)

Plants: Lacoste Garden Center and The Community General Store

*Carpet is from Carpets4Less and is the Escape to Bali line

I am not exaggerating when I say that every night we walk into that room Jason and I comment on how much we LOVE it. It came together exactly as I pictured and we couldn't have done it without Dufresne. They carry everything you need to make your own master retreat. You can always use code STACEY10 for 10% off your Dufresne purchase!




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