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Stacey Kasdorf

Everly's 10-Month Update

Everly York is 10-months old! We are loving her more and more every day, and her entertainment levels have reached an all time high. We actually feel like we can play with her now and she interacts and kind of gets what is going on. She is still in 6-9mth and 6-12mth clothes. She actually still fit a 3-6 month shirt the other day too! Hoping I don't need to size up until the weather warms up. She still has her mullet much to my chagrin. I finally was like okay we are going to cut it, but now Jason won't let me. I mean if anyone can rock a mullet it's her. Might as well let her keep it, this will be the only time in her life she can get away with it. Jason's parents and sister also came for a visit this month and it was so nice having them here! Everly warmed up to them pretty quickly and we realized Opa is a baby whisperer. It just got us so excited to spend the summer back in Canada! Less than a month until the hockey season is over and we head back home!



Thanks to the suggestion from my friend Jill with a daughter almost the same age as Everly, I bought these ball pit balls and filled her pack 'n play. She sits in there and plays around with them when I need to get things done. Anything that occupies them for 10 minutes is a win, am I right moms? I also have all of her small toys in a bin and she loves just digging around in there and pulling everything out. This month rattles have gotten exciting again because she can shake them really well. She also loves playing with egg cartons, my cell phone, Jason's laptop chord and everything in the kitchen she can get her hands on. She especially loves emptying drawers in her room, the bathroom and the kitchen. She's like a little tornado.


I still breastfeed her 2 times a day, but I start with food and then I top her up after. Hoping this helps the weaning process in a few months! Her favorite foods right now are yogurt, nut butters, eggs, chia jam, chicken, cheddar cheese and oatmeal. I give her green smoothies in her sippy cup that she's loving too. I'm going to share some of the food combos I have given her in a separate post! New foods this month: chickpeas, black beans (she didn't like these), kidney beans, bone broth and spinach.


A good chunk of this month she was going to bed at 7:30 and waking up at 8:30 or 9! I'm thinking it was a growth spurt. Near the end of the month I would check her monitor in the morning and she would be lying their wide awake, for like an hour! Not really moving, just laying there so peacefully. If she's been up for more than an hour I usually go get her because I feel like a bad mom just letting her hang out by herself. Can't be good for development. She still has a morning and afternoon nap, and if she's teething or cranky an evening nap. She's still napping a total of around 4 hours a day which is nice. We try and go for walks when it isn't freezing, take trips to the grocery store and anything else to get us out of the house.


She always laughs when Jason crawls towards her and she crawls towards him. It's seriously the cutest. She's also still ticklish, laughs when she hears someone coming up the stairs (they're squeaky), and high pitched noises still get her every time. For the most part this girl always has a smile on her face and it is the best thing ever.


Not much has changed here, she gets grumpy when shes tired, hungry, teething or strapped in her car seat too long.


Her two top teeth came in this month. I only noticed while I was breastfeeding - ouch. She started being able to suck and can use a straw and her sippy cup now. She can take steps while we hold one of her hands and can stand on her own without holding onto anything. She also took her first step unassisted (yes, it was just one, but we're #proudparents)! We also realized whatever Jason does she will copy. If he falls down on his back, she will to, or if he waves, smacks his hand or shakes his head, she will copy it. It is the cutest thing! This month she also had her first bath in the tub, started laying awake in her crib for hours after she gets up, stayed up through an entire hockey game, played in the snow and started saying mama and dada!


The homemade teething gel I mentioned last month (coconut oil and Thieves oil) I believe is having added benefits. Thieves improves your immune system and so far no colds or the flu for Everly! Hoping that holds up.

I also made a teething roller using a few Young Living Essential Oils that I rub along her jawline if the teething gets bad.

She had a runny nose the other day, so I diffused RC and Thieves in her room at night and so far no cold has shown up! I have also been diffusing lavender and I think that is why she is sleeping so well.

An easy way to get greens into a baby's diet is by making smoothies. I blend spinach with berries and water and put it in her sippy cup. She loves it!



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