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Stacey Kasdorf

Skincare Routine

If you read my second trimester update, you'll know my skin always acts up during pregnancy. I get redness, bumps, uneven skintone - you name it I've got it. Well thanks to my new skincare routine I am SO happy with my skin. By no means is it perfect, but it's so much better than it was during my last pregnancy. I really wanted to try and combat the issues I had, but wanted to use safer products while I'm pregnant (and beyond). I am slowly transitioning all of my household and beauty products to more natural ones as I run out. It finally came time to replace my skincare products. I've never really had a full on routine before, I kind of just used this and that and bought whatever products were on sale or that I had seen in a magazine. I also always bought different brands, because I never found one product that I LOVED or was the "miracle" it claimed to be. Trust me, I wish I found a product that I loved enough to become loyal to! It would make my life a whole lot easier when it came time to replace my products. After a long journey I finally came across Calia Natural. You can read about how I discovered them and their products that I use below! (By the way this is not sponsored, I just love their products!)

The next hurdles I faced were price and availability. Every good and natural line I did find costed a fortune. I just couldn't justify spending what some of these companies were charging. Then if I finally did find a line that was natural AND affordable, they didn't ship to Canada. Well I could have waited until I move back to the States, but I didn't want to buy unnatural products again and wait for them to run out to get new ones. I had been putting off "cleaning" up my products for a long time. Then I found Calia. They are based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and make organic hair and skin care. I was sold. The only thing I didn't like about Calia is that their offering is small. I wish they also had makeup and other products, but I figured I would take what I could get. I ended up buying four of their products and then creating an evening face oil on my own.

For the face oil I just combined jojoba oil, 100% vitamin E and Young Living's frankincense. I didn't measure it out, but it's about 3/4 jojoba oil to 1/4 vitamin E oil and then just add 5-10 drops of frankincense. Why did I choose these oils?

Jojoba oil: moisturizing, doesn't clog pores, fights bacteria, accelerates wound healing process, contains Vitamin B complex and reduces wrinkles

Vitamin E oil: reduces inflammation, improves moisture and elasticity and speeds up cell regeneration

Frankincense oil: fights wrinkles, reduce acne scars, lifts and tightens skin and reduces the appearance of pores

Check out my full skincare routine below, which is quick and easy because #momlife.


Skincare Routine


  1. Rinse my face with warm water, pay dry with a towel

  2. Apply Calia's Naturally Clarifying Facial Toner

  3. Apply Calia's Organic Skin Cream with Sea-buckthorn Oil (I love this because a little bit goes a long way!)

  4. Apply makeup (still looking for good natural brands - send me your recommendations)


  1. Remove eye makeup with coconut oil

  2. Wash my face with Calia's Naturally Pure Facial Cleanser and pat dry with a towel

  3. Apply face oil


  • Every few days I will exfoliate my face with a Spin for Perfect Skin spinbrush

  • Once a week I apply a charcoal face mask

  • Wash my pillowcase every few days because it harbors so much bacteria

Side Note: I also bought Calia's Organic Purifying Shampoo for Normal/Oily Hair and I am in love! I love the smell, it's super cleansing and I feel like it keeps my blonde from going yellow.



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