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Everly's 17-Month Update

Everly is 17-months old, which means we are one month away from baby number two! We had another busy month with more moving, packing and goodbyes. Everly and I joined Jason in Cincinnati two weeks ago and said goodbye to family and friends in Winnipeg. It was so hard leaving, but we are so grateful to be reunited with Jason! I was worried how Ev would act when she saw him after being apart for a month, but Facetime must have helped. They are BEST buds, like even more so than before. It's true what they say - absence makes the heart grow fonder. I just love watching them together, reading books, playing, making her giggle and having cuddles. It's the sweetest thing ever and perfect timing because soon I'll have my hands full with baby #2 and Ev won't get as much of my attention.

I feel like Everly has also grown a ton this month, she's almost outgrown her 18-month sleepers and clothes. She still isn't saying a lot of words, other than no, mom, dad, yes and woah, but she understands everything. It's so nice being able to at least communicate with her, like "can you please put this in the garbage" when I'm feeling lazy. It's so fun watching her change and adapt to our new living situation. She always has such a good attitude, which makes our lives so much easier. She loves our new place, there are lots of hallways and little places she can run and explore. We've also found lots to do at the local libraries, parks and museums. I can't wait to explore this new city with her!



My first order of business once we got a place here was finding Everly toys. There is nothing worse than having to entertain a child with no toys, especially on rainy days! We didn't want to invest a ton because we will just be getting rid of them again in a few months, so I looked for second hand toys. I went to Once Upon a Child where the toys are all out, so I just let Everly play around for about 10 minutes and whatever she gravitated towards I bought (within reason). We ended up with a little Jeep, an activity table, a spinning racetrack, a barbie and a 3D animal puzzle (all for under $50!). Then I knew I wanted a toy kitchen because I know how much she loves them and I found a great one on Craigslist for $30 and it literally came with too much food and dishes. I packed a lot of them away and will gradually take them out so she doesn't get overwhelmed. She loves all of the toys, but the kitchen is definitely her favorite.


She still likes most foods, but really likes to change it up. One day she'll love something and the next she won't. She's all about variation (just like her mom), which can sometimes be a lot of work, but I love that she's open to trying different foods so I'm willing to do it! She loves pizza, which we give her occasionally, but for a healthier option I make her a mini "pizza". I use sprouted bread with no sugar, top with sugar-free marinara, an organic turkey slice, mozzarella and then sometimes pineapple, spinach or other veggies I have on hand. I just broil it in the oven until the cheese is melted and that's it! The only other thing she loves consistently is her oatmeal. She has it almost every morning for breakfast, but I mix it up with bananas, berries, nut butter, raisins, cinnamon and shredded carrots. I have been doing it on the stove-top lately so that I can whisk in an egg to add some protein, plus I make it with 2% milk so she gets calcium and protein from that as well. Overall she's a good eater, loves her snacks and eating whatever Jason and I are eating. Her favorite snacks right now are Cashew Cookie Larabars, Pumpkin Spice RX Bars, Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies and homemade trail mix.


She goes to bed around 7-7:30pm and has been waking up after 8 since we came to Cincinnati. It's been SO nice getting that bit of extra sleep near the end of my pregnancy. She naps once sometime between 11:30-2:30. She still loves her sleep and goes to bed so easily. In the mornings she plays with her toys, we have breakfast, then get dressed and head out to the park, for a walk or for story-time at the library. Then she'll nap, have lunch, and then we'll head out to the gym, to run errands, to an indoor play area or just get outside. Then she'll have dinner, have a bath, read some books, say a prayer and go to bed. I love how predictable her days are now and that we are on a good schedule. Hoping this sticks once the new baby arrives!


Most of the day involves giggles. She likes whenever anyone reacts to her or makes funny expressions at her. Like if things fall over or her water sprays out she just thinks it's hysterical. She likes being hung upside down, is ticklish everywhere, likes splashing in the tub and swinging on the swing.


If I don't play with her she'll get upset with me and start pulling on my pant leg. Or if I take too long to make her food she gets annoyed with me and just wants to eat anything she can see. If I tell her no she's started getting frustrated and will throw her toys. Still figuring out how to "discipline" this action, as she doesn't understand a timeout yet.


She went on her 17th flight, which went so well! Check out my post on Flying with a Toddler for tips. She visited Cincinnati and Kentucky for the first time, got her first really bad diaper rash and ear infection :(, slept in my bed for the first time because she was sick, discovered she can plug her ears, had her first hot tub with her clothes on (thanks to grandpa), went down a waterslide, ate her first ZA pizza, went to her first story-time at the library, walked on her tippy toes, and started "jumping". She has also realized that I am taking videos of her on my phone and wants to watch them after I've taken them.


We went to Brandon to meet her new cousin Jasper! She wasn't a huge fan of me holding a baby, so hoping she gets over that quickly. She also got to see Ember and Macy one last time before we left, which was so nice. She is definitely going to miss those girls! We also moved out of my parents place and flew to Cincinnati, where we moved into a new apartment (technically in Kentucky). This is Everly's 6th home she's lived in already! If nothing else we're creating a flexible little girl. We are slowly exploring the area and getting settled in. We all love it so far!



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