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Stacey Kasdorf

Thrive Market

I finally tried out Thrive Market with a 30 day trial period and I fell in love. I made two orders, which I was allowed to apply a 20% off discount too (I believe this is offered to everyone through the trial period). The good news - every specialty food I have wanted to try that I can't find in store was on the website. I love this because then I don't have to drive around to multiple grocery stores or pay a premium price for my other groceries. The bad news - I found out that they don't deliver to Canada yet. With us being in Winnipeg for half of the year, getting a subscription to Thrive just wouldn't make sense for us unfortunately. If you live in the States though and like buying specialty foods I highly recommend the subscription. It's $60 for the year, which pays for itself on how much you save.

I had a lot of questions about the items we had ordered, so I'm going to list them below and talk about why I ordered them and will let you know which items I wouldn't order again. Comment and let me know if you've tried these products, and if you're from Canada what is your favorite grocery store to get specialty items like this?


Earth Circle Chlorella Tablets

This was my first time trying these. You take 4 tablets a day to help detoxify your body and they're also high in phytonutrients. I just drink them with water and they're tasteless. You can't see or feel the benefits, but I know they're working! You can read more about the benefits of Chlorella tablets here.

Braggs Nutritional Yeast

Improves digestion, preserves immune function, aids in digestion and high in Vitamin B. It has a cheesy flavor so is great in vegan recipes to get that cheesy taste. My vegan pesto calls for it.

Siete Grain Free Chips

These were pretty good, definitely not the best tortilla chips I have ever had. I love them though because they are made with avocado oil instead of a vegetable oil and are made with cassava and coconut flour instead of corn or regular flour. They are pretty pricey though compared to regular tortilla chips, so not sure I'll buy them a lot.

Patience Dried Cranberries & Blueberries

I love this brand because their dried fruit has no added sugar, just apple juice to sweeten. Dried cranberries and blueberries always have so much sugar added to them, so it's nice to be able to buy these and let Everly snack on them! They would be great to add to a homemade granola as well or a trail mix.

Thrive Almond Butter

This may be one of my favorite almond butters I have ever had! It's so creamy and only one ingredient - organic roasted almonds. It's also a lot cheaper than a lot of other almond butters I have found.

Nuco Coconut Wraps

These are a great substitute for normal wraps if you are looking to avoid grains/gluten. The texture is a bit weird and they almost have a sweet flavor, so I think I would use them for more of a dessert crepe if I bought them again or buy one of the savory flavors next time.

Earth Circle Red Maca Powder

Rich in antioxidants, improves female sexual health, boosts male fertility and enhances mood, energy and memory. I usually just add it to oatmeal or smoothies. It has a subtle caramel flavor.

Alter Eco Super Blackout Dark Chocolate Bar

The best dark chocolate bar I have had, and it's 90%.

Now Foods Organic Brazil Nuts

I LOVE brazil nuts but they can be hard to find sometimes. This bag is so big and they are so creamy and buttery! They're perfect as a snack stuffed in a date.

Simple Mills Almond Flour Pizza Crust

This is made with almond flour and held up really well. I loved the texture and flavor of it, would definitely buy again. I topped mine with pesto, jalapenos, roasted red peppers, feta cheese and arugula.

Thrive Market Organic Berry Burst Granola

This granola was grain free and only sweetened with maple syrup. It was amazing! Everly and I both loved it and would definitely buy this again.

Mamma Chia Organic Black Chia Seeds

I bought these because they were cheaper than chia seeds in stores. I love making chia pudding and chia jam with them and adding them to my oatmeal.



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