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Stacey Kasdorf

Rosie's 5-Month Update

Rosie is 5 months old! We moved back to Winnipeg this month and she was so perfect on the flights. It was just me and her because Jason drove back with Everly. She was awake on the first flight just playing with her toys, and on the second flight she slept the entire time. She is such an easy baby to take places, and honestly I'm realizing once you have multiple kids, being left with one feels like a breeze. She also always has her tongue out and likes to suck on it.

It's getting easier to make this little girl laugh and it's addictive. I just try and find new ways to make that big mouth of hers open wide and hear that cute little giggle. She's still completely chill and can be taken anywhere. She did make strange a few times this month and didn't really like to be held by anyone but Jason and I. Since being back home though she has gotten way better. She'll let anyone hold her now and gives everyone smiles. I tried leaving her twice at the church childcare this month and she cried halfway through both times and they came and got me. But then I left her at our gym childcare once while Jason was on the road and she did great! The girl said she didn't make a peep, just snuggled in her arms.

I took her and Ev to Jason's last Cincinnati Cyclones game and she was great. It was a 3pm game which was nice so she stayed awake the entire time. Luckily she's too young to know we moved, and she's adjusted really well. We moved her into a crib once we got back to Winnipeg and she didn't even notice a difference. She's still been sleeping great, and naps basically anywhere.



She is finally through the night!! YAY babywise! This method has now worked for both of my girls, and they are both great sleepers. Rosie goes down around 7:30-8pm and wakes up between 7-8am ( the past few days it's been around 6:30 because of the time change between Cincinnati and Winnipeg, but hoping that will adjust soon). She's also out of our room, which is nice so we don't have to tip toe around when we go to bed anymore. She has a cat nap in the morning around 10:30, a 2-3 hour nap around 1, and then another small catnap around 5. I always have to move her into the other room now when she's napping or Everly will wake her up. Whenever Ev sees me taking her away she goes "shhhh". It's so cute. She'll also fall asleep anywhere, like in her carrier facing outwards. When she's tired she's tired.


I feed her every 2.5-3 hours. She feeds great and really quick. I haven't been pumping as much lately because I feel like I don't have much excess, so she also hasn't had a bottle lately. I don't mind because this time goes by so fast and it's such a special moment between her and I! I'm hoping to start pumping a bit more so Jason and I can start going on dates now that we're home!

Daily Life

She's awake a lot now, which is nice. Ev plays with her like she's a toy, pokes at her, wiggles her arms, wants to hold her, play with her in the crib and lay beside her. It just melts my heart. We try and get in a few tummy time sessions a day, but this girl still hasn't rolled over. She loves being on her Fisher Price piano play mat, on her back kicking her legs or watching her sister play. She still is great in the car whenever we go on outings, and in her lillebaby when we're out and about.


She had her first bath in the tub with Everly, slept in a crib for the first time, moved to a new house, went on her first flight and met her aunts and uncles for the first time. She also met her future bestie Heidi for the first time!


We moved back to Winnipeg for the summer! It's kind of sad to be leaving Rosie's first home. We made so many great memories here with her, plus she was born here! I can't wait to bring her back here one day.



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