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Stacey Kasdorf

Rosie's 7-Month Update

Rosie is 7-months old, but sometimes I think she's older because she's getting so big! She has more rolls than Everly ever had, and I could just squeeze her all day long. She has finally started rolling around more, but now she'll do it once I put her down for a nap and then she'll wake up crying on her stomach. I remember Everly did the same thing. It's so cute though when I lay her down and give her a soother she instantly rolls onto her side and cuddles her blanket. I could just melt watching her sleep.

She has also started eating more food this month. I still primarily breastfeed, but then 2-3 times a day right after I nurse her I make a couple tablespoons of food for her to eat as well. The theory is that she fills up on milk and then just gets topped up with some food. More so to get her used to eating than actually filling her up. I'll talk more about what she's eating the schedule below.

We also went to the cottage a few times this month and she loves it! She will sit in the sand for like 20 minutes just splashing the water. It's the cutest thing. I'm so glad she likes being outside like her sister! She also loves the swing at the park now and when she's fussy I just put her in her Lillebaby carrier and she's happy. She got her first tooth and the second one is coming. I've found she loves chewing on Jicama, carrots or bell peppers to help her teething pain. She'll also chew on teething toys, but sometimes I'll stick her in the high chair with a few big pieces of veggies (so she can't actually swallow them) and she'll just chew on them for the longest time.



She goes down around 7-7:30pm and wakes up around 7am. It's so nice always having a full nights rest! She usually has a small nap in the morning, a longer afternoon nap, and sometimes a shorter nap in the evening. She'll nap in her crib now, unless we're out then she easily sleeps in the car or her stroller. She's started sleeping on her side and stomach too, which is good because her head was looking a little flat lol. Overall she's a great sleeper just like her sister!


I still breastfeed her every 2.5-3 hours. She feeds great and really quick. I'm still not pumping very much, but I have made a bit of a stockpile for a few date nights this summer! Whenever we give her a bottle she takes it no problem, so that's nice. I did leave her with Jason the other day and he said she took the bottle no problem. She has now tried fortified oat cereal, pureed peas, pureed carrots, peanut butter, yogurt (which I don't think agrees with her because she was really backed up the next day and looked uncomfortable), quick oats and avocado. I'm slowly introducing new foods, and so far she likes all of them. I will avoid anything sweet until she's over a year so that her taste buds don't have an aversion to veggies. I did the same thing with Ev and she still likes almost all foods. From now until she's 9 months old I'll breastfeed her first and then top her up with a few tablespoons of solids a couple times a day. Then at 9-months old I'll switch and a few times a day I'll feed her with food first and top her up with breastmilk. My aunt gave me this rule with Everly and it worked well for us!

Daily Life

When she wakes up in the morning I usually have 1-2 hours before Ev gets up so we get lots of cuddles. She's extra sweet in the mornings. She'll play with her toys and go in her jumperoo. Then once Ev is up we usually go play in the yard for a bit and then she'll go down for a short nap. Once she's up we'll head to the park or to a friends place for a play date. Then she'll have a longer afternoon nap, and then we'll get out of the house again or just play at home. She's either sitting with her toys, on her tummy, in her jumperoo, in the carrier (usually her fave place in the evenings if she gets fussy right before bed) or outside in her Lulyboo baby bassinet. She definitely makes strange with most people and is happiest being near me. I don't mind because I just love cuddling her. I cannot get enough of her big mouth and smile. She can turn any day around! As you can see by the pictures she is almost always smiling or has her mouth wide open. She brings so much joy to our family!


She got her first tooth! Her bottom front tooth came in, and the one right beside it is close behind. She also swam in the lake for the first time, went in a swing, started saying "ba ba ba ba", can sit up on her own no problem and jumps in her jumperoo.



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