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Stacey Kasdorf

Baby #3 | The First Trimester

We're having another baby!! I am SO excited to finally share this news. The first 12 weeks was like torture keeping it a secret. Especially with how sick and exhausted I am this time. I can never figure out if I'm getting more nauseous and tired each pregnancy, or if it's just that I have more kids to take care of that makes it feel harder. Either way, this pregnancy has been a tough one so far. It was good that it landed over Christmas because Jason had some time off so he could help more with the girls, which was needed. My nausea went away with the girls around 17 weeks, but I'm hoping it ends sooner this time!


We decided in August that we were ready to expand our family. My mom had 3 under 3 and we are all so close and she made it look easy, so I'm hoping the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Of course once we decided we were ready, Jason went to Germany for a month and then the next month he went to Pennsylvania, so our plans got put on hold a few months. I remember praying in September about the next baby and God said "my timing is perfect", and then that afternoon Jason got called to PA right when I was ovulating next. Although I was frustrated he was leaving, God had prepared my heart already and I knew we were supposed to have this baby in July! Our due date is July 20th, but knowing me this baby will come in August.


We found out we were pregnant on November 22! I missed my period (which I actually wasn't sure about because I had implantation bleeding, which never happened with the girls, so that threw me off a bit). I wanted to check without Jason and surprise him in some fun way, but he said if I did it without him he'd be so mad lol. We got a test together and checked and it was positive! I wanted to tell Ev right away, but we decided she'd probably blurt it out to everyone, so we kept her in the dark until a few days ago! When we told her she understood but wasn't very excited. Even now, she talks about it very matter of fact, like mommy where's the baby, can the baby eat candy, etc. She now thinks she also has a baby in her tummy.


The first people we told was our immediate family. We each got to decide how we wanted to tell our parents and I had seen this awhile back and knew this is the way I wanted to tell my parents. We invited my parents over for dinner and ordered individual pizzas from ZA Pizza (the best pizza FYI), and on the inside of their boxes I taped a note (see below). They were so surprised and so happy for us! Then Jason got Everly to tell his parents (she didn't even understand what she was telling them). She said that Rosie is going to be a big sister! They were also obviously so excited. Then we just told our siblings over dinner or Facetime (for those who don't live in Winnipeg), and honestly none of them were too surprised. They all like said it before we even could, so clearly everyone knows we're on the baby train right now.


We aren't finding out the gender, because it's the best surprise ever. We didn't for the girls and it's so much fun not knowing. It's a little more work because we have to come up with a boy and girl name that we love, but it's so worth it. Obviously it would be great to add a boy to the mix, but I also think having 3 girls would be so much fun! Either way we are so excited. I'm already brainstorming names because it's getting harder and harder for Jason and I to agree on them. If you have any faves comment below and share them!


I think this is going to be our last baby! When I was pregnant with Rosie I was like "how do you stop having kids??", and now I'm exhausted and nauseous and I'm like, "oh this is how". Also because with our lifestyle we move around so much and are rarely near family so having more would be a lot of work. Unless God changes our minds, I think we'll stop as a family of 5. Jason and I both grew up in a family of 5 so it's what we know and love.


The worst. I try not to complain because I love being pregnant and I know this will pass and I know we're lucky to just be pregnant, but it's still hard. I feel nauseous all day, luckily I've only threw up a handful of times. I'm also just very tired, it takes everything I've got to get out of the house with the girls and go on an outing. Ev has never been on her iPad so much. I read the other day though some seasons are just about surviving, and that's how I feel right now. I won't always be tired and sick, Ev won't always have this much screen time, and we won't live off mac and cheese. Being in the kitchen is so hard because everything makes me nauseous, so we eat very simple meals, often not very healthy, but Jason has been helping out when he's home so that's been nice. I've also started showing already, which I didn't do until 17-19 weeks with the girls, so that's been hard to wrap my head around. I'm also carrying way higher, usually I get like a gut before I get a tummy, but now I already have a little tummy. It's so interesting how every pregnancy is so different!


I haven't been able to get to the gym at all because of my lack or energy. I'm hoping to push myself to get back next week. I wasn't able to work out until 17 weeks with the girls, so I'm not too worried about it. I was in great shape before I got pregnant, so my body can take a few month break and get right back at it. I'll be following the Fit Girl Gang workouts I've been doing and modifying the abs and some of the jumping exercises. I will share modifications on my Instagram stories whenever I think of it!

If you have any questions leave them below, we are so excited to share this journey with you!



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