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Stacey Kasdorf

Natura Market

Have you all heard of Natura Market? I hadn't until about a month ago and I am SO glad that I finally discovered it! When we lived in the States there was an online health food store we would order from, but once we moved back to Canada I could never find an equivalent. It made finding specific brands and products almost impossible, or I would need to stop at 3-4 different stores to find everything I was looking for. Natura Market solves those problems. It is your one stop shop for almost every specialty grocery item you may want. Some brands they carry aren't even available in Winnipeg, so it's our way to get our hands on them without having to go down to the States!


My favorite thing about their site is how they break down the shopping experience. You can search for products, but they also sort them for you by Category, Brand & Diet. Lets say for instance you are following the Whole 30 diet, you can just click on that tab and it will list everything that is approved. Other diets they filter by are Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegan and Ketogenic. It's honestly so smart and will save people so much time not having to read labels and find ingredient lists. I also love going to the Popular tab to see what other people are buying. Another feature that I love is you can search by products Made in Canada! I love supporting local and sometimes its hard to find companies who work within Canada. The prices are extremely competitive with brick-and-mortar stores, and you even get free shipping if you spend over $49! I definitely see myself making monthly orders from them to keep my cupboards stocked with my favorite items. Anything that keeps me from having to drive around to multiple stores with three little girls is a win for me. If you want to make an order with them, use this link for $10 off your first order of $49 or more.


  • Eating Evolved Cashew Butter Cups - AMAZING, would definitely order again

  • Cali'flour Pizza Crust - Great flavor, but didn't hold up great to a lot of toppings, which is how I make my pizza. Probably wouldn't order again unless I was just making a simple pizza for the girls

  • Primal Kitchen Green Goddess Dressing - Loved it, will definitely order again

  • Keto Queen Kreations Yellow Cake Mix - If you are used to coconut flour and like the texture, you will love these. They hold together really well and have a good flavor. If you aren't used to coconut flour or don't like the grainy texture, you probably won't like these. The girls weren't a huge fan of the texture, they just at the whipped cream off the top. They are low carb and sugar free though, so if that's important to you than these would be good! I probably won't order them again


  • Simple Mills Crackers

  • Purely Elizabeth Granola (I have had this, and the blueberry flavor is addictive!)

  • Siete Tortilla Chips

  • Vital Proteins Collagen

  • Nutpods Coffee Creamers


  • Alter Eco Deepest Dark Super Blackout Chocolate Bar

  • Eating Evolved Almond Butter Cups

  • Eating Evolved 72% Cacao

  • Siete Lime Grain Free Tortilla Chips

  • Siete Almond & Cassava & Coconut Flour Tortillas

  • Pyure Organic Sugar-Free Bakeable Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Remember to use this link to get $10 off your first order, and let me know below if you order anything!



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