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Stacey Kasdorf

Caséta by Lutron

I love making every day moments more automated to make my life easier, especially with three little girls keeping me busy. That's why we added In-wall Smart Dimmer Switches and Smart Plugs to our house from Caséta by Lutron. I love the convenience it brings to our home, plus the perfect ambient lighting. We also didn't need to replace any of our lighting or bulbs, as all of the smart controls are in the switch themselves. They're a quick and easy fix to make your home more cozy and Smart.


They are very user-friendly and easy enough to install on your own. They provide step-by-step instructions in written form or video form on their website. It walks you through each step in order to replace your old switches with the new dimmer switches. They also have a great help line you can call that can assist with any questions you have.

Smart Dimmer Switches

We have these all over our house. They even work on 3-way switches, you just add in one of their Pico Smart Remotes. The Pico Smart Remote isn't actually wired into the wall, but there is a wall plate you can get to put it where any existing switch was. You could also add it anywhere you want to have a switch and don't want to worry about new wiring, or leave it off the wall as a convenient remote beside your bed.

Once they're installed, you can download the Lutron app and with the help of their Smart Bridge, you're able to access all of your switches from your phone. Talk about convenience! No more wondering if you left the lights on once you've left the house, because you can just check on your phone! There are also numerous dim settings to find the perfect amount of light.

These have become my favorite in our basement because our girls always leave the lights on down there. Now instead of having to run downstairs and turn them all off in the evening, I just open the app and turn everything off. It's so convenient!

We also have Alexa devices all over our home, and we have also synced our devices with our Alexa devices so that we can just tell Alexa to turn our lights on and off. It's so fun having our home get Smarter and more convenient!

Smart Plug

We use this most on our Christmas tree. You just plug your Christmas tree lights into the Smart Plug, and then you can schedule a timer for when you want it to turn on and off each day. No more crawling under the tree to unplug it! I love this so much. Especially because we have two trees in our house, so the thought of turning both on and off each day sounds like a task I'd like to avoid. It is also great for any other Christmas lights you have, or a bedroom lamp that you want to turn on to wake you up in the morning. You can have it turn on to whatever brightness you want as well, it doesn't have to turn on at full strength. The options are endless! They even have outdoor Smart Plugs, which would be so convenient for any outdoor Christmas lights or summer patio lights!

Check out their website for available products and where to buy them!




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