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Rosie's 1-Month Update

Time officially goes WAY faster when you have two kids. I seriously have no idea how Rosie is already one month old. I don't even know what to write about her! I feel like she's been with us for 2 days but I also can't remember life without her. Everyone always says they don't know how they'll love two kids but that was never an issue I was worried about for some reason. I actually find I love her more at this stage than I realized I loved Everly because I am way more relaxed. With your first kid you're literally just trying to keep them alive, but with the second it all seems so easy that you actually have time to enjoy them. It's been so fun going through this stage again and just soaking it all in. Jason and I always say we don't know how people stop having kids. From being pregnant, to picking names, to finding out the gender, to watching them grow up is just way too much fun.

Rosie has been such a good newborn overall, but when she cries she CRIES. Like I don't even know how such a little thing can make such a loud noise. It's the saddest little cry ever, and I remember Everly having quite the set of lungs on her as well (she still does). Ev hates when she cries, but is slowly learning to ignore it and not let it get her upset. In the beginning I thought Rosie was Everly's twin, but I am slowly starting to see her change into her own person. A few people have even said she looks like me! I mean I don't know how a baby can look like anyone, but I'll take it.



Rosie has been sleeping pretty normal for a newborn. She gets up twice, once around 2 and then once around 5. I forgot how exhausting it is having to wake up in the middle of the night! With Everly we had her out of our room, but because Rosie doesn't technically have a room in our place her bassinet is currently beside my bed. It's really convenient for those middle of the night feedings and Jason can somehow sleep right through her cries (men). I think we'll move her out of our room (and into the bathroom?) once she's down to one feeding during the night. I can't imagine getting out of bed multiple times, especially with how cold we keep our place at night. I'm following the Baby Wise method, which I wrote a post about here. She should hopefully be dropping one of her feedings in the next week or so. She has only woken up once at night a few times, but nothing consistent enough to say it's here to stay. Fingers crossed it happens soon!


Rosie had no problem latching in the beginning and has eaten like a champ. She already has a double chin and is a lot chubbier than Everly at this age. It's so cute and I just want to eat her cheeks. At her first check up one week after birth she weighed 8 lbs 3 oz already, up 12 oz from the hospital. I feed her every 2.5-3 hours during the day and then whenever she wakes up at night (unless it's before 2.5 hours, which she has never done). She also feeds way quicker than Everly did. I can feed her in about 8-10 minutes while Everly took like 20 minutes (she was clearly a lazy eater). The one thing I've noticed is that she takes in a lot of air while she's feeding, so I always have to make sure that I get a good burp out of her after or she'll randomly cry from the pain later on and it's so sad.

Daily Life

I mean there's not much to say here. She eats, poops and sleeps. I make an effort to get out of the house every day with the girls for Everly's sake. Sitting in our apartment would drive her (and me) nuts. Rosie usually cries when I put her in her car seat, which can make for a stressful exit, but once we're in the car she always calms down. She likes to be held and swung to keep her happy during the day, and naps in her Fisher Price Rock n Play or the bassinet in her Graco Pack n Play. I've gotta keep my eye on her though or Everly might poke her eye out. She usually has her fussy time between 7-8, but I can always calm her down way quicker than I could Everly which is nice. She doesn't like her soother but she loves sucking on my pinky, so I'm washing my hands like 100 times a day to make sure it's always clean. Everly smothers her when she's awake with kisses, hand holding and helps me burp her. Every few days I'll give her a bath in her Blooming Bath and she loves it. Seems like she's gonna be a water baby like her sister.


I have the Lillebaby Airflow Carrier and the Lillebaby Wrap and she loves being in both of them. This has been essential because I need to be hands free for Everly when we go out. I walked around the zoo with her in the carrier and The Ark encounter with my parents and she didn't make a peep (until she needed to eat). It was also so comfortable for me and I was only a few days postpartum. We also have the Uppababy Vista which has two seats and she's always content in that as well. We can attach her car seat or her bassinet with Everly's seat. It's honestly my favorite thing ever, it makes getting out of the house with two totally doable and not overwhelming at all. It is the best purchase we made for our kids!


She's been doing tummy time, which Everly always joins in on. She's also visited the zoo a few times, The Ark encounter, the mall, got a picture with Santa, went to Nashville and went to two of Jason's hockey games. It's been a busy first month, which is probably why it flew by.

Overall having Rosie around has been SO amazing. I love her so much and love that Everly has a sister that will hopefully one day be her best friend. It's so fun having two little girls!



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