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Stacey Kasdorf

Everly's 20-Month Update

I debated continuing with Everly's monthly updates now that Rosie is here, but I decided I will continue until she is 2 because I want to be able to remember some of her big milestones still and be able to compare them to Rosie. We all know I'll forget it if I don't document it here. This month was another blur. Two kids is no joke. Everly has been so much better though transitioning to being a big sister. She has learned to tune out Rosie's crying, doesn't hit her anymore and doesn't freak out when I have to feed her. She does love to be all up in Rosie's business, either laying right beside her, walking around her head or trying to sit as close as possible. She also insists on laying on my breast feeding pillow while I am burping Rosie.

She still needs a lot of attention, so I have been very intentional with playing with her while Rosie is sleeping, which thankfully is often. She is always happy as long as someone is paying attention to her (like most of the world). She got a lot of attention a few days ago when we tried to potty train her. I know that 20 months is early to potty train, but I just did not want to have to change two sets of diapers. We did the three day method when Jason had a few days off and it was a real struggle the first two days. Like she peed herself constantly all day long. Then on day three we saw some progress and I thought we were in the clear! Day 4 however she reverted back to peeing in her undies while Jason was gone and I was busy with Rosie. It was her way of getting my attention and I couldn't help her so she was all wet and got so frustrated. Jason was going to be on the road and I just knew I couldn't get Everly to the toilet while also having to take care of Rosie, so we threw in the towel for the time being. I think we will try again when we are back at home and she is 2 and we can have her in a big girl bed. Potty training is no joke and now I know why parents hate it!

Now that we aren't potty training, having two kids feels like a breeze. If you're feeling overwhelmed with 2 under 2 just try and potty train your oldest! Like I used to be a little worried to leave the house with the two of them, but during potty training I was like never ever will I leave the house. Now that Everly's back in diapers it feels so easy going out. It put everything in perspective. If that's the only thing we got out of failed potty training I'll take it!


Toys & Activites

Her favorite place right now is Totter's Otterville, that indoor play area you may have seen on my Instagram stories. It has 10 different rooms including a grocery store, ballet studio, water station and ball pit. It is honestly a parents heaven. I'm thinking of opening one in Winnipeg. I think it would do so well, especially considering we can't play outside for like half the year. If anyone has a big warehouse they aren't using, let me know! When we're at home she loves her playdough, playing in the sink, playing with her felt balls, reading her books and watching videos of herself on my phone (so vain). Jason's parents also got her a little Fisher Price store with little people that she loves. She'll just play with the little people forever, talking to them and moving them around the store. It's hilarious. Rosie also got gifted a teddy bear this month that Everly loves and kind of claimed as her own. Lately she has also liked being in her crib. Like she'll just want to go in their midday, and I'll sit in her room and watch her. She'll either lay their, or play with her doll and bunny, or jump around. It's honestly kind of nice because I just get to sit down and relax. I also just put a post up with a few activities to do with your toddler inside.


I have noticed a big drop in Everly's appetite the past few weeks. I don't know what it is, but she rarely wants to snack anymore and her meals have become way smaller. I'm not sure if it's because she isn't growing as quickly or what, but it's nice because I don't have to pack 10 snacks every time we leave the house. Her favorite foods are pasta, tomato sauce and hummus. She could just eat these three things for every meal if I let her. She also had her first McDonald's McChicken this week while we were potty training as a bit of a reward. She LOVED it obviously. She also tried my protein pancakes and homemade fudge this month and loved them and always eats eggs with Jason when he makes them.


She goes to bed around 7-7:30pm and has been waking up sometime between 7-8am. Her naps however took a bit of a hit mid-month. She was only napping for an hour and I was really hoping it wasn't her giving them up. That is seriously my time for me and Rosie and I don't know what I'll do if she wants to be up all day. I'll likely start implementing a "quiet time" in the afternoon where she plays in her room or something so I can have some down time and she can play on her own. I know a ton of moms who do this and it works wonderfully. However, while we were potty training her naps went back to 2 full hours. Apparently it was exhausting for everyone. I'm hoping they stay long now that we're done!


She's still super ticklish, and you can easily get a good laugh out of her. She also always laughs when Rosie toots or burps. She loves when things slip out of her hands or fall to the ground, or if she slips or bumps into something. She'll always say woah and laugh, it's the cutest.


She just gets sad now when I have to do too much with Rosie and can't help her out or play with her. She also got so upset while we were potty training her and had to take her to the toilet. Basically making her to something she doesn't want to do is a no go with her.


She visited Nashville for the first time, went on her first carriage ride, saw her first fireworks show at Jason's hockey game on New Years, went skating with Jason and had her first McChicken.


We went to Nashville over Christmas and she had so much fun. We stayed in a beautiful hotel that she loved exploring and we had such a good time as a family. Shortly after Christmas Jason's parents came for a visit which was so nice. They brought her Christmas presents which she is in love with and got to take her out a few afternoons to play. She loved having them here and all of the attention she got! She also went to another one of Jason's games on New Years and got to watch indoor fireworks at the end which she loved.



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