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Stacey Kasdorf

Rosie's 3-Month Update

My little Rosie Loren is 3 months old. She is just the sweetest little thing ever. Jason and I just stare at her while she sleeps (and when she's not sleeping). She has been so easy to take anywhere. She likes being in the car, is loving her soother and loves being in the carrier or the stroller. She naps really well during the day no matter where we are, thanks to Everly always poking her and yelling around her she can sleep through anything. She does like to be held or being paid attention to or she'll get a little fussy. Like she could be crying and I'll just walk over and talk to her and she gets happy. It's so cute. Everly knows this and when she starts crying always walks over and says "hi". I just can't get enough of the two of them together.

She only poos like once a week, which results in a huge blowout and gives her some discomfort and gas the last few days before the poo. I find if she's upset and gassy I can move her legs up and down and around and that helps a lot. She'll just lay there happy while I do that which is nice. Overall she's been so great and seems so easy. It's funny to think I was overwhelmed with two when she first arrived, and how quickly 2 has felt so normal. I love watching Everly and her bond and can't wait until Rosie can crawl around and "play" with Ev!



We are in the baby wise merge where Rosie should be dropping her 11pm "dream feed" and sleep through the night in the next few weeks. Right now she is still waking up around 5:30am though to eat, and then goes back down until 7:30-8 so I haven't dropped that 11pm feeding yet. My goal in the next few weeks is to get her first wake up to be 6:30-7 for the day. I may keep the 11pm dream feed for awhile just to keep my milk supply up. I have found that my milk supply has been dropping, which is probably why she's waking up at 5:30 to eat. I'm just focusing on eating my oatmeal and drinking lots of water to keep my baby fed! She does nap really well during the day, usually has a few one hour naps and then a 2 hour nap in the later afternoon. She just naps wherever because we are usually out and about with Everly. She has no problem sleeping in her car seat, carrier, bassinet, fisher price rock 'n play or basically anywhere.


Like I said above, my milk supply is always just enough and I have to be very mindful to eat and drink a lot to keep it up. I don't ever have a lot of excess where I can pump and store a bunch. It doesn't really matter though because I'm always with Rosie and just feed her myself. We have been trying to give her a few bottles here and there just so she gets used to it just in case we want to leave her in the future. She loves it and takes it no problem, which has been nice! It also gives Jason a chance to feed her which lets him bond with her. She still usually only likes eating on one side per feeding, and eats really quickly.

Daily Life

She is awake a lot now which is so nice. She has these huge expressive eyes just like Everly did at this age. She's so alert and follows voices and our hands. She'll smile and laugh and coo when you talk to her. She makes the cutest noises and can actually be pretty loud. I was trying to talk to my mom tonight on the phone and Rosie kept interrupting us. I could just listen to her cute little sounds all day! She likes being held but is also great in her rock n play or bouncy seat when I have to get things done for Everly. She'll also take her soother most of the time now which has been great for car rides and in the evenings especially. She has learned to deal with Everly being all up in her business and doesn't really mind being poked and pulled and having stuffies piled on top of her. She still loves her baths but doesn't last very long during tummy time.


Not many new things this month, except that her smiles have almost turned into laughs! It's so cute seeing her expressions. She is also a chatter box, especially in the evenings. She'll just coo away, which Everly loves because she thinks she's talking to her.



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