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Stacey Kasdorf

Rosie's 6-Month Update

Happy half birthday to my little Rosie Loren! This girl is my sunshine on a cloudy day. Her smiles, chubby cheeks, soft skin, giggles and sweet personality light up my life. I could cuddle her all day long. I love how she laughs when I kiss her neck, that she's already ticklish, that her mouth is always open and smiling and that she loves her sleep.

She loves looking at lights or any reflective light. The little potlights in the kitchen always catch her eye, as well as the reflection of our neighbors pool on our ceiling. She picks it up right away and twists her whole body if she has to in order to stare at it. She also started grabbing at our water cups lately when we're holding her. She just wants to get at it so bad and have a sip, it's so cute how excited she gets!

She has made lots of new friends since we've been back in Winnipeg and she's been good for the most part. She still makes strange the odd time, but usually she'll let anyone hold her which is so nice.



She goes down around 7-7:30pm and wakes up sometimes between 6:30-8am. It's so nice always having a full nights rest! She usually has a small nap in the morning, a longer afternoon nap, and sometimes a shorter nap in the evening. She either naps in her crib, or she loves falling asleep in cozy blankets on the couch.


I still breastfeed her every 2.5-3 hours. She feeds great and really quick. I'm still not pumping very much, but I have made a bit of a stockpile for a few date nights this summer! Whenever we give her a bottle she takes it no problem, so that's nice. I also gave her a taste of food this month! I just added a bit of water to an iron fortified oatmeal cereal and she LOVED it. Like grab the spoon, lick the bib, loved. I could probably start feeding her more, but it's just way more work than breastfeeding, so I'm putting it off. I'll use the same method I used with Everly. A few times a day I'll start offering her a few tablespoons of food after I breastfeed her, to kind of top her up, but she'll still be getting full mostly from breastmilk. I'll do this for the next few months and slowly begin introducing one food at a time. I have a feeling she's going to love all foods just like her sister.

Daily Life

We have lots of awake time with her now which is so fun. Ev loves having her around, but she's in that awkward stage where she can't totally sit up but doesn't love being on her back or tummy for too long. She'll sit and play with toys for awhile if I put the boppy pillow behind her, but then eventually she topples over. She's getting sturdier by the day though! If we go to the park I usually wear her in the carrier so she can look around, and if we go for a walk with the stroller she's in her bassinet and loves looking up at the sky. Ev also loves having Rosie lay in her bed with her. If I take Rosie into her room after a nap she insists Rosie lay down with her and she tucks her in and gives her some stuffed animals and tries to force a soother on her. It's the cutest.


She finally started rolling over! Not a lot, but a few times. I also put her down one way at night and she somehow ends up facing the other way when I get her up, so she's started pushing herself around with her legs. She had her first taste of food, and sat in a high chair for the first time. She also got to meet some of my Aunt's for the first time, go to my parents cottage and watch her first thunderstorm.


We got Rosie dedicated at our church this month. Our family and friends came to support her and it was a lovely morning! Knowing God cares for Rosie's life more than me makes being a mom so easy. All I have to do is love her, pray for her and teach her about God and the rest is up to Him! We also took a quick trip out to Rock Lake so that she could meet her new cousin Layker. He was so tiny and made Rosie look so big already!



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