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Stacey Kasdorf

Rosie's 10-Month Update

Ten months old is maybe my favorite age so far! She isn't teething at the moment, she's sleeping 12-14 hours at night, she laughs at everything (including nothing), eats what we eat, gives me the biggest smiles and wants all the cuddles. She's also crawling everywhere, stands up whenever there's something to grab, starting crawling up the stairs and LOVES playing with her doll. She's so fun to watch at this age as she explores and chases her sister.

The other day Ev was having a time out for not listening and she was in her room crying, so Rosie crawled up to the door, stood up and started banging against it. It was the sweetest thing ever. It's like she wanted to rescue her. I love that her bond with Ev is growing. They'll often play together, until of course Rosie takes the toy Ev wants, then she tries to get away from her. Lately they've been fighting for their blue baby doll. She cries and laughs when you squeeze her and both girls just love playing with it. Looks like we're going to need more dolls in the house.

Jason is gone again, so we're doing lots of face timing and every time he comes on the phone Rosie hears his voice and starts giggling. It's so nice that she remembers him even though he's been away quite a bit lately. She still doesn't love being away from me. I try leaving her at church childcare, but usually after a little while when she notices I'm gone she starts crying. I'll keep leaving her and hope she eventually makes it through the service!



Her favorite toy is definitely the baby doll. She loves slobbering all over her face, squeezing her and throwing her around by her leg. She bounces with excitement when she sees it. She also loves anything that lights up or makes noise, like her Fisher Price puppy piano, a walker that makes music, her jumperoo and any sort of electronic device that lights up. She also loves digging through my diaper bag and taking everything out, and when she finds a set of keys she's in heaven. I'll also find her chewing on Everly's white and black polka dot shoes by the front door, don't know what that's about. If you give her a ball she'll throw it around and chase it and giggle, it's so cute. She loves being in her stroller so I try and take the girls out each day for a walk, either outside or in the mall. 


She finally stopped teething so she's back sleeping through the night. I'll usually put her down around 7pm and she'll sleep until 7-9am. Sometimes Ev even gets up before her now. If we're at home I'll put her down for a morning nap around 10 if she wakes up early. If we're out she usually stays up and then I put her down around 12:30 for her afternoon nap. She'll nap 2-3 hours, and I usually get an hour or two with her and Ev sleeping at the same time! If she wakes up around 2:30 she'll have a little afternoon nap around 4. Overall she sleeps so well, and falls asleep in the car no problem if we're driving for a long time.


She is still loving all the food. Her favorites right now are cottage cheese, peanut butter, eggs, cheese, yogurt, mashed potatoes, blueberries, ground beef, bananas, mum mums and sweet potatoes. Basically whatever we're eating I'll just break off small pieces for her, unless it has honey in it. I still breastfeed her first thing when she wakes up, two times during the day and then once before bed. I think weening her will be really easing because it's already a struggle to get her to eat that many times a day. It's so sad to think about stopping nursing her! I have to go in a room all by myself just so she can focus and eat, because if she hears any noise or anything she has to turn around and look and have a laugh. 

Daily Life

In the mornings she'll play around with her toys in the basement with Ev. They kind of ignore each other and do their own thing. Then she'll crawl over to the stairs and try and crawl up them and then stand and hold the railing. I've really got to keep my eye on her now. Then we'll go out for a play date, moms group or to an indoor play area. She loves outings, being in the car and getting fresh air. Then she'll take a long afternoon nap and me and her will have some time together after before Ev wakes up. Then once Ev's up we head to the park, play more in the basement, or go run errands or for a walk. We usually get back home around 5 or 6 and if it's cool I like taking the girls for a hot tub. Especially when Jason's gone, it helps kill time before bed. Then I'll give Rosie a bath, give her dinner, breastfeed her and put her to bed. 


Anything makes her laugh, but especially seeing me. It makes my heart melt when I go get her after a nap, or come home after being away from her. She gets so excited. She laughs when she's tickled, when you play peek-a-boo with her, spin her around, throw her in the air,  when she's playing in the tub, or really just whenever you look at her. She also always gets so happy when she sees her favorite toys. There's also nothing that puts a smile on her face right now like the staircase. She just giggles the entire way up. It's so cute.


If I leave her then she usually cries, and if shes hungry or tired she'll cry. Other then that though she is seriously never sad.


We had family photos, she got another tooth (her fifth), started climbing stairs and she spent her first night away from me (it was harder for her than for me). 


In the car her favorite thing to play with is a to-go tea/coffee cup with nothing in it. She likes chewing on it and playing with it. I have no idea why but I always have one in the car for her to play with! I also always bring mum-mums with us wherever we go because it always makes her happy. 



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