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Rosie's 12-Month Update

Just like that, she's ONE! She still somehow feels like my little baby, but she definitely isn't. She's getting so big, taking a few steps and pointing at everything. Watching her and Everly play together is my favorite thing. She's not ready to walk yet but she crawls so fast, it's so funny to watch. Her favorite thing is to crawl a little bit and then turn back to make sure someone's chasing her, then she laughs and keeps crawling, turning back every few steps. It's so cute to watch, and sometimes Ev will chase her on her knees and Rosie just lights up. Oh and when Jason comes home from work now she crawls up to him and gives him a big hug, it's so sweet. She just snuggles into his neck. It's like she is realizing he's been gone all day.

She had her second sitting with Santa on her birthday and was terrified. Last year she was only a few weeks old so she basically slept in his arms. I thought she might actually like him this year and pull on his beard, but she just cried. We had to settle for a family picture with Santa so that I could hold her. We also took her tobogganing on her birthday and she liked it. We had her all bundled up and Ev even pulled her in the toboggan for a bit, it was so cute!

She is still our joyful little girl, smiling at everything. She also isn't making as strange with people which is so nice. SHe is LOUD though. If she wants something you're eating, or if Ev takes a toy from her, or if she gets excited about something she just yells to get your attention. It makes me a little nervous about how her personality will be, but she definitely lets you know what she wants. Hoping she'll quiet down once she can use her words.

She was sick for a good week this month and became super clingy. She still slept really good though so that was nice at least. I didn't mind all the cuddles, although I felt bad that she was so stuffed up all the time.



She loves playing in the toy kitchen and pretending to sip from cups. She even pretends to give her babies a sip, it's so sweet. She loves chewing on markers and crayons, playing with toy tools and she loves books. Her favorite thing though is still babies. She can just sit and cuddle with them for so long, it's so fun to watch. Her and Ev often fight over who gets what doll. She also loves playing on Everly's beds, just rolling from one to the other and playing with her stuffed animals. She loves being outside on walks, going to Scout coffee to play and having play dates with her friends. She also loves coming to Everly's gymnastics classes and just wants to jump out of the carrier the entire time.


I put her down around 7pm and she's been waking up around 6:30am. Earlier than I'd like, but Ev's been getting up early now too so it's kind of nice having them both up together. She'll sometimes have a morning nap around 9-10am, and then a 2-3 hour nap around 1pm. She definitely doesn't need as much sleep as Ev did at this age, but she's happy so that's all that matters! I always put her in her sleep sac for sleeping, give her a soother and put a little blanket and stuffed animal in her crib. Gives her something to play with while she falls asleep or once she wakes up. She has been struggling to nap at other people's houses, because it's unfamiliar, so I'm hoping she grows out of that.


She's down to 2 feeds a day from me. Usually first thing when she wakes up and then before bed. It's so sad to think she's almost done! She's basically weaning herself. I'll keep going as long as she'll let me, which I don't think will be much longer. She eats everything we eat, just in small bits. She likes muffins, cheese, apples, peas, carrots, ground beef, yogurt, grapes, blueberries, sweet potato, eggs and noodles. The only thing she doesn't like is tomatoes, which is odd because Everly loved them at this age. Other than that she'll eat everything we give her.

Daily Life

Once she's up we play by the fire until Everly wakes up. Then we'll go get Ev, play a bit in her room and then all go up for breakfast. After breakfast we'll play a bit more and then she'll go down for her morning nap. Once she wakes up we all play downstairs or have a play date with friends. Then we'll have lunch and she'll have her afternoon nap. After her nap we'll go run errands, go grocery shopping, go play at the mall or go to an indoor play place. If it's nice I'll try and get them outside at least once a day to play in the snow, even if it lasts only a few minutes. Then we'll have dinner, the girls will have a bath, read a few books and then Rosie will go to bed. She falls asleep no problem on her own which is so nice, we just give her a soother and she rolls over and goes to bed.


As usual, everything makes her laugh. She likes being chased when she crawls, she loves walking around holding someone's hands, she loves basically anything you do with her. When someone walks in the door she lights up and gives them the biggest smile.


When she's hungry she gets grumpy, or if she's tired. That's usually it, other than that she's happy. Well unless she's in Santa's lap, then she is also not happy.


She got two more teeth on the bottom (her 7th and 8th) and it didn't seem to bother her as bad as one's in the past thank goodness. She also got pink eye for the first time, which was no fun and she had a really bad cold for over a week. We went for breakfast with Santa on her actual birthday and she was terrified of him, poor girl.


She has started to not want to nap at other people's houses, so I am going to start bringing her blanket or baby from home. This always helped Everly so I'm hoping it will help Rosie too!



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