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Stacey Kasdorf

Rosie's 13-Month Update

Month 13 has probably been the hardest one since Rosie was born. It was a combination of her being sick, getting new teeth and me being pregnant and exhausted. She started getting 4 molars and she is the worst with teething. She cries unless I'm holding her, cries if I leave the room, and is just not her usual happy self. I'm praying those teeth finish coming through soon so I can have my happy baby back! I hate seeing her in pain. This has been a tough month for both of us to say the least!

Christmas was so much fun with her though. My mom got her a doll and the second she saw it she started freaking out and trying to get at it, but it was all packaged up. It took Jason a few minutes to be able to get it out and she was losing her mind waiting for it. When she finally got the doll she was so mad she had to wait that she threw it across the room. This girl has such a temper! She also loved helping Ev build her gingerbread house, though it was a full time job to make sure she didn't destroy it. She loved playing with her cousins, tobogganing, and walking around holding my finger.

She started taking a bunch of steps on her own on Christmas day!! It was the cutest thing. She was laughing so hard she'd make herself fall over. She's still wobbly, but has started taking more steps on her own each day. She still grabs my finger all day long though to walk with her. I'll be sitting down and she'll find my hand, grab my finger, pull it up and gets so mad if I don't stand up to walk with her. Again with that temper. She can stand and walk not holding onto anything now which is nice, and hopefully soon she'll be independent and be able to follow Ev around.



She still LOVES babies. She hugs them, kisses them, feeds them and throws them around. She also loves opening and closing the doors in the toy kitchen, taking everything out and putting it back in and pretending to drink from the cups. She also loves the building blocks and will take them all out of the bag just to put them all back in. She also started playing with playdoh this month. I just have to watch her so she doesn't eat it, but she loves putting it in the containers and taking it back out. It's a real theme this month. She also loves putting the shapes in her walker watching it light up and then pulling the handle to have them all fall out again. She loves reading books, except insists on turning the pages.


Despite her teething, she actually still sleeps great. She sleeps 7pm-7:30am, some nights if she was in a lot of pain she'd wake up once and I've give her some baby Tylenol and she'd go right back down. She is basically down to one nap, sometimes two if she gets up earlier than usual. She'll nap around 12:30-2:30 if it's just one nap, which is when Ev naps so I usually nap too now that I'm pregnant. Overall she's a great sleeper.


She's down to 1 feed a day from me. Usually first thing when she wakes up because she's hungry and I'm too tired to make her food first thing. She loves most foods, except tomatoes. Except this month she's been a bit more picky I think because her mouth hurts from her molars. If the food is too crunchy she doesn't want it, so we've been having lots of yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, oatmeal, soup and other soft foods.

Daily Life

Like I said the days have been hard this month. She didn't do any independent play really because she was in pain, so I either had to walk around with her or play with toys with her or get out of the house so she stayed happy. She likes being in her stroller which is nice, so we'll often go for walks or go to the mall where Ev can play and I can walk with Rosie. We had lots of baths this month too with the cold weather, and it always made her feel better when her teeth were hurting. We also had play dates with friends and spent lots of time with family and cousins over the holidays!


Giggles were harder to get this month, but she's ticklish, laughs when she walks and basically if anyone else laughs she starts laughing. Oh and when we pray before any meal she folds her hands and starts laughing, probably wondering what we're all doing with our eyes closed.


There was lots of grumpy this month. Lots of tears, loud noises, throwing food on the ground and showing us her temper. Basically if she doesn't get what she wants right away she's upset about it and she'll let you know. If I leave her she cries, but if she can't see me then she's fine. Oh and she was upset every time she sat with Santa.


We went to Fargo with some friends for New Years and stayed a hotel with water slides. She loved the mushroom waterfall and the hot tub the most. She also started walking!! Took her first real steps on Christmas day, and is now walking around all the time. She also has 4 molars breaking through right now, bringing her up to 12 teeth total. She celebrated Christmas with friends and family for the first time and was spoiled with gifts! She went on her first toboggan ride and loved it, made her first gingerbread house (with the help of Everly) and started crawling down the stairs.


Tips for teething: soft foods, frozen berries to chew on, baby Tylenol, baby natural Orajel, warm baths and lots of snuggles!





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