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Stacey Kasdorf

Rosie's 14-Month Update

I'm happy to say Rosie is doing much better this month! She is still teething, but it isn't affecting her as much. She's back to her normal happy self. She is SO loud though. Whenever anyone comes over or walks in the door she just screams with excitement. If her and Everly are playing she'll also just squeal every time Ev comes near her, it's so cute. They are starting to play together more and it's so fun to watch. Rosie's favorite thing is stealing Everly's soother or blanket, waiting until she sees and then running away with it and laughing. I love how close in age they are and how much fun they're going to have together as they grow up!

Her favorite new noise is growling like a bear. She just walks around growling and it's so low and hilarious that she can make a sound like that. Jason taught her how to do it and now she does it all the time. She also started feeding herself, which is nice but also so messy. Like 100% she needs a bath after every time she eats, but it's so fun watching her learn to use a fork and a spoon and try and get it off of her plate.

Now that she's walking more she's really gaining independence. She'll walk all over the place, exploring and usually getting into mischief. One time I found her in the bathroom giving her baby a bath in the toilet. Yuck. She also loves sitting on the counter with me while I get ready in the morning. She'll grab my brush and brush her hair, or she'll grab a toothbrush and chew on it. It's nice because then I can still get ready!



She still loves her babies. Anytime we go anywhere she finds the baby and won't let it go. If Everly tries to take it from her she just screams. She also loves playing in the bath with Ev. They'll just splash each other and laugh and spin around in the tub. She loves reading books, especially about animals. She also loves anything with buttons, the remote, phones, alarms, the dishwasher, the microwave, calculators, etc. She also likes opening the dishwasher and just sitting on the door and playing with the cutlery. Her favorite thing now that she can walk is just exploring and popping in and out of each room. She'll always find something and bring it back to us. Or she'll find something of Everly's, come find her and run away with it. She also loves going in my parents hot tub. It's a lot of work to take her in because she moves around so much and it's a full time job just making sure she doesn't go under. Luckily Jason has that job and not me.


She's still sleeping great through the night. Usually around 7:30pm-7:30-8am. It's so nice getting a full nights sleep, especially because I'm always exhausted now being pregnant. She is down to one nap around 12:30-2:30, which is nice because then we can leave the house in the mornings and afternoons. Sometimes it's been hard to put her down in the evenings because she just wants to keep playing with Everly. The odd time she'll cry when I lay her down but then she'll fall asleep within a few minutes.


I'm done breastfeeding! I miss it, but it's kind of nice being free. Weaning was super easy because we were already down to like 1 feed a day. She didn't even notice when I stopped. I tried feeding her a few times and she would just not be interested, so maybe my milk supply ran out because I'm pregnant too. Who knows. Either way I'm glad it was so easy to stop! Her favorite breakfast is a banana, scrambled eggs and avocado. Lunch is usually soup, Annie's mac & cheese, lunch meat, cucumbers and cheese or quesadillas. Then for dinner she'll just have small bits of whatever we have. She likes everything so far, even salads! She loves snacking like her sister on yogurt, cottage cheese, Annie's bunnies, veggie straws and fruit bars.

Daily Life

It has been freezing here, so we've been trying to keep busy with indoor activities. Our outings during the week are usually a few play dates with friends, going to local schools for play groups, going to the play area at the mall, going to mom's group at church and to the library. It's work getting the girls in and out of the car in winter, but we just dress for the weather and force ourselves outside, otherwise we always go stir crazy. If we do stay home the girls usually play with their kitchen set and we have tea parties and picnics, or we'll make forts or play with playdough. Those are all things they can do together which is really nice. Then we'll usually stay in for the evenings, have dinner, a bath before bed and then I'll turn on a show while they play a bit before bed. I am loving our evenings and how relaxed they are.


She's laughing all the time, especially now that she can walk. She loves running away from people, especially Jason and Everly. They'll just walk towards her and she'll think they're chasing her so she'll turn and run and laugh so hard. She's also so ticklish still and laughs so hard in the bath while she's splashing.


She's upset when she's hungry, if I leave her or if she's over tired. She's usually fine once I leave her, but the initial exit isn't pretty. She's totally fine with other people if I'm not around, but if she can see me then she'll always make sure I'm within arms distance.


We moved into my grandmas condo this month. She isn't doing well so she moved in with my parents and we moved into her condo. It's been a lot of fun, the girls love it here and they're so good at adapting and change. There's a big atrium with plants and fish and Rosie just loves walking around exploring. Rosie also started feeding herself using a fork and a spoon, it's messy but she's slowly learning to get it into her mouth! She uses her left and right hand, so not sure yet which one she prefers. She's also "talking" a lot more. She says mama and dada and sometimes gets out papa for grandpa. Other than that she is just talking gibberish, but rarely is she quiet.



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