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Stacey Kasdorf

Everly's 22-Month Update

I seriously fall more in love with this girl every single day. She's talking more and it's getting way easier to understand her and be able to communicate. She is the sweetest sister ever to Rosie. She'll give her kisses, always wants to hold her, she'll want to see her first thing when she wakes up and sit on the ground and play with her. I love watching her as a big sister. I also realized we are living in Everly's 6th house/apartment since she's been born and her 5th city! This girl has a whirlwhind life, which will hopefully make her flexible and easy going as she grows up. I wonder if she'll remember any of these places or if she's still too young? Only time will tell!

She's still as shy as ever around big groups of people or people she doesn't know. She does also not like playing with other kids, she'd prefer to play on her own, even if there are tons of kids around. I also feel bad for her because kids will just come up and take her toys and she lets them. She's not big into confrontation, just like her mama. She's gotta learn to stand up for herself though! She's just such a sensitive soul. The other day she got embarrassed for the first time and I could just cry thinking about it. She bumped her head on my leg and some lady noticed and said oh did you bump your head, and she just buried her head in my legs and started weeping. I don't even know why she got embarrassed, but it's seriously the saddest I have ever been as a mom. Ev is definitely gonna be my sweet girl that wears her heart on her sleeve.

Jason has started taking her to the rink with him for treatment on his off days and apparently she is SO quiet. She won't say one word to his teammates. She just stands there and doesn't move the entire time he's being worked on. She is super shy around new people, and gets super clingy to Jason or I when someone tries to talk to her. It's honestly better if we aren't around because then she has no choice but to branch out, like childcare at church or the gym.


Toys & Activites

I have brought out beads again now that she understands now to put them up her nose. She loves pouring them from one container to another, and then eventually pours them all over the floor which is a huge mess. She also loves pouring water from cup to cup, playing with her play-doh set, making food in her kitchen and playing with cars. She also loves copying what I do with Rosie with her stuffed animals and babies. She'll "breastfeed" them using my pillow, burp them, change their diapers, give them soothers and rock them. It is honestly so cute to watch.


Her number one food right now is still full fat plain greek yogurt. She would eat it every meal if I let her. We usually top it with a nut butter, hemp hearts, bee pollen and goji berries. Her favorite part is sprinkling the bee pollen on herself (even though it makes a mess I let her). She's also still loving my salads, Jason's pasta and really anything we're eating she wants a bite of it. She's into spicy food as long as she has water or milk on hand. We also took her to Maggiano's for the first time and she ate ALL the bread.


She is still sleeping for 12-14 hours per night. This girl loves her sleep and then loves spending at least an hour in her crib in the morning just chatting to herself. I'll seriously go finally get her if she's still in there at 9am, and sometimes I'll ask if she's ready to come out and she says no and she'll just cuddle with her blanky and soother for a bit longer and then climb out to join Rosie and I. It's so nice because our mornings are so slow and relaxing. If we ever have to be somewhere before 9:30am though it's a bit of a rush because I'll have to wake her before she's ready and get her dressed and fed. We like doing story time because it's at 10 or 10:30, so it gives us time to have a relaxing start to the day and still gets her out of the house to play with other kids. Then we'll come home for lunch, she'll play a bit and then nap from 1:30 for 2-2.5 hours. Again, she'll usually stay in her crib for a bit after she wakes up. Then we'll spend the afternoon at home, at the park, swimming, running errands, or at a play place. Then it's dinner, a bath, books and bedtime!


Her laugh has turned high pitched and it's the cutest thing ever. She still giggles at almost everything and her first reaction is to always laugh. She lights up our lives and it's the best thing to hear. I'm hoping Rosie laughs as much as her! She also loves holding her sister and hearing the funny noises she makes, it always makes her giggle. She also always likes to put on a show for whoever she's Face Timing and trying to make them laugh. Auntie Selena usually gets some pretty big laughs.


As I write this she's being a pill - so you caught me at a bad time. Usually she's really happy and playful, but if she's sick, tired or not getting her way she gets upset. For example, last night I took her and Rosie to Jason's game and before the first period was done she was saying "home" and whining. She was a little bit sick and it's always past her bedtime at his games, so this was expected. It made for a not so fun evening, and by the end of the game I had enough. Usually she does really well at his games, but for some reason this time she was at her limit.


We took her and Rosie to Disney on Ice and she LOVED it. This was kind of surprising because she hasn't seen any Disney shows or movies, but she still loved all of the animals and the skating. It was so fun watching her get excited by everything. I seriously can't wait to show her the world! She also wore Jason's hockey helmet for the first time and it was the cutest thing. Wondering if she'll play hockey like her dad?? Then we took her to see the Easter bunny at the mall, which she cried about obviously, but then couldn't stop talking about it for the next hour by saying "hoppy", and giving herself a high five (what she did to the bunny). That girl has a love hate relationship with big mascots. Whenever we go to Jason's games she loves seeing Twister and Puck Chop from far away but then cries when they come close, but still wants to give them a high five as long as I'm holding her. She is also saying so many words now, she can say a lot of her letters, all of her colors but she can only say the number two. She can also say her own name now! Not Everly, but Evie. It's SO cute. She can also say Oma, Opa, Grandma (which sounds like mahmah), Grandpa (which sounds like papa) and Macy (which sounds like Macy's). I seriously can't wait to have conversations with her! Oh and her hair can also all fit into a ponytail now and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It makes her look so old :(.



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