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Stacey Kasdorf

Rosie's 11-Month Update

Here we are, one month away from Rosie's first birthday. Cue the tears, the memories, and everything sentimental. I haven't even thought for one minute about what we would do for her party. First I have to figure out where we'll be living. More on that in another blog post (soon hopefully). I'm thinking I'll let Ev help me decide. Knowing her it'll be all pink and purple with a sprinkle of unicorns and babies.

I can't wait for Ro to turn 1. Mostly so she'll start walking and be able to play with Ev. They are already so much fun together. Rosie always wants to be in Ev's room, Ev always wants to wake up Rosie and jump in her crib with her. It's so cute how much they already like being together. Ev also always wants to sit right next to Rosie while she's eating and give her really small bites of whatever she has. Ro gets really loud really quick if you don't give her what you're eating/drinking, so Ev has to act fast. Whenever I have tea in the morning Ro always crawls over and insists on having a few sips. It's hilarious. She loves liquids, so it's been really easy to get her to drink water. I'm using the Pura Stainless cups that Ev also uses with both the sippy cup top and the straw. She likes both but the straw is easier for her.

She also had a rough month again with teething. Another one on top popped through and one on the bottom is about to. She's not the toughest nail in the box when it comes to pain. She's so clingy, doesn't sleep well and needs constant attention when she's getting a new tooth. Good thing she's cute and gives me all the smiles to make up for it. Jason has also been around a lot the past few weeks which has been a huge help. He'll wake up with the girls so I can sleep in, or watch them so I can go to the gym.

Overall month 11 has been so much fun! She makes so many weird faces, smiles at everyone, eats everything, shows her teeth often and drools like crazy. She's growing like a weed and barely fits in 12-month clothes. She also leaned out a bit, or grew a neck because she looks so much older all of a sudden. She also got a little tuft of hair that I can finally put a clip in! I love watching her grow up and the bond we have.



She loves playing with shoes, pulling on the laces and throwing them around. She could also climb up stairs all day long, she thinks it's hilarious. She hasn't mastered coming down yet though, so we've always gotta be watching her. She also loves playing with those door stops that are like little springs. She'll just pull on them and make them bounce. She loves playing with markers, stamps and crayons, but not like using them, just chewing on them. She still loves her jumperoo, but not for as long anymore. She likes reading books, going for walks in the baby carrier or stroller and going in the swing.


I put her down around 7pm and she's been waking up around 6:30am. Earlier than I'd like, but Ev's been getting up early now too so it's kind of nice having them both up together. She'll sometimes have a morning nap around 9-10am, and then a 2-3 hour nap around 1pm. She definitely doesn't need as much sleep as Ev did at this age, but she's happy so that's all that matters! I always put her in her sleep sac for sleeping, give her a soother and put a little blanket and stuffed animal in her crib. Gives her something to play with while she falls asleep or once she wakes up.


She's down to 2-3 feeds a day from me. Usually first thing when she wakes up, sometimes around 12-1pm and then before bed. It's so sad to think she's almost done! She's basically weaning herself. I'll keep going as long as she'll let me, which I don't think will be much longer. She eats everything we eat, just in small bits. Loves salmon, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese strings, any meat, smoothies, peanut butter, cooked veggies, sweet potato, veggie straws and mum mums. We aren't giving her sugar, just like we did with Ev. Hoping that helps her pallet as she grows up to like more greens and natural foods! Oh and she also loves rubbing her dirty hands covered in food through her hair, so it's always a sticky mess.

Daily Life

Once she's up we cuddle on the couch, then I give her breakfast and then she'll play with Ev. Then I like to have an outing, either to a friends, to run an errand or to mom's group. Then we come home in time for lunch and nap time. After her nap we go for a walk, play around the house, or go to the library. Then it's time for dinner and maybe a quick hot tub. Then before bed I'll give her a bath because she loves playing in the water (and because she's dirty). Then she'll play a bit more, I'll nurse her and then put her down. My favorite thing she does right now is when she's crawling and something's in her way, she grabs it and throws it behind her over her head to clear her path. Like do not get in her way.


As usual, everything makes her laugh. She's ticklish, so if you touch her like anywhere she'll laugh. If Ev does anything to her she laughs, if you scare her she laughs, if you look at her she laughs. If she's not laughing she has a huge smile on her face.


As usual when I leave her with someone she cries, but then she gets over it pretty quick. She'll also get pretty loud and upset if she's in her high chair and I'm not getting her food fast enough. She is also sad whenever she's in pain, so teething or sick.


She went on her first road trip to Fargo to meet Jason's billet family, she got another tooth on top (her 6th), had her first Halloween and dressed her up as an Incredible with the fam and experienced her first snowfall!


Teething tips: let her snack on frozen berries or put her teethers in the freezer. She also loves chewing on big carrots or celery.



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