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Stacey Kasdorf

Rosie's 18-Month Update

Where do I even start with this little ball of fire. Rosie is a year and a half old and has more personality than I ever thought possible. She's really trying to talk now and can get a few words out. Her faves are baby, daddy, car, ball, soother, wa-wa (water), more and please. It's so fun watching her learn how to talk and seeing Ev try and help her with her words. She's growing like a weed, always towering over other kids her age. She's in 2T clothes and her hair is finally starting to grow! It has way less curl than Ev's hair, so it has to be in a clip or pony or it will just hang in her eyes. She loves to run, which often involves a spill or two. She's covered in bruises and scrapes from climbing and exploring and trying to do whatever Everly does. She has no fear and is definitely going to pave her own path. I love watching her personality come out!

She's also in a throwing and hitting phase, which she thinks is hilarious. She'll throw a toy across the room and laugh so hard, or she'll dump her entire box of balls out. She also thinks it's funny to hit people on the head, so we're trying to reign that in. But even when I try and discipline her and say no she laughs. Girl thinks everything is a joke. I love her joy and laughter and the way she lights up any room. She's so cuddly, loving and fun. Everything is exciting and she always shows it in her facial expressions.

She's also entered the, "mom look at me" phase. All day long she's yelling "mom" to get my attention before she does something. Either hanging from something, dancing, rolling around or jumping around. She even wants me to look while she's eating, basically whatever she does she wants to be seen.



Being outside is definitely her favorite. If we're at the park she's on the swing or going down the slide 100 times. I love that it's getting warmer and we can spend most of our days outside! She still loves riding her toy train, playing with doctor tools, the cash register and making things in her kitchen. Oh and her favorite past time is sitting by the front door and putting shoes on. She's actually gotten really good at it and can get Everly's shoes on her feet. She loves going for walks in her stroller which is so nice. She never fights to get out of it, she actually usually climbs in before we're ready to go. She also likes stickers, which I find all over the house.


She's been sleeping okay. She just does not like sleeping in, which is making this pregnant mama so tired. Ev at this age slept in until 8/9am, and it was the best ever. Rosie gets up between 6-6:30 on the regular. It's like her internal alarm clock goes off and there is no getting her back down. I try and get her to bed right at 7pm so that she at least gets a full nights sleep. Putting her to bed isn't an issue because she's usually exhausted from the day. Her naps are also getting shorter, usually only an hour and a half around 12:30pm. I think she just has a constant fear of missing out, it's like she knows me and Ev are awake and just wants to join in on the fun.


She loves food, and always wants to be eating. Her favorites lately have been yogurt, chia pudding, corn, beans, hamburgers, veggie straws, eggs and salad. Some days she'll love a food and the next day she'll want nothing to do with it. It's so hard to figure these kids out.

Daily Life

When she wakes up I bring her into our bed to cuddle for a bit before Ev wakes up. Once Ev is up we make breakfast and then play for a bit before getting ready for the day. Now that it's nice out we usually head outside to the park or on a playdate with friends. Then we'll come home to have lunch and nap, and then in the afternoon we head out on an errand (usually for the house right now) and then I take them to the park so they still get to have some fun. Dinner is around 5-5:30pm and then they play for a bit before bed or watch a show, have a bath and then start winding down around 7pm.


As usual, her giggles are constant. She's so much fun and so goofy. I absolutely love her personality. Everyone always says the middle child gets lost in a family, but this girl will make it almost impossible. She has the perfect personality for a middle child. She'll always keep us on our feet, keeps us laughing and makes herself known.


She hates when I hold other babies or other kids. She runs up screaming at my feet. I can't wait for baby 3 to get here... She also gets grumpy if she's hungry and I'm making food. She just yells and points at the stove or oven, like give it to me NOW. Other than that though she's honestly the happiest kid.


Like I said above, she's saying way more words this month. She's trying to hard to talk and is doing such a good job! She also went for her first dentist appointment this month. They basically just looked in her mouth for two seconds. They did recommend getting rid of her soother in the next 6 months, so I'm trying to give it to her less. She's usually fine without throughout the day now and I just give it to her in the car or to fall asleep with. Everly also turned 3 this month and I think Rosie had more fun than her. She loved her party and getting her a birthday bear from build-a-bear.



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