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Stacey Kasdorf

Rosie's 19-Month Update

Roe is 19 months old and about to become a big sister! Her obsession with real babies, baby dolls, pictures of babies and anything baby related has me slightly worried for the new baby's safety. I'm sure she's going to want to hold it, drag it around, push it in the stroller, poke it's eyes, try and feed it and any other little annoying thing that's going to make me need to put the baby out of arms reach. In all seriousness though she is going to love this baby to death and be the best big sister ever along with Ev. She has so much love and joy in her that I can't wait to see her share with her little sibling.

Her and Ev are becoming closer every day and love playing together. I love when I hear Ev say, "come sister", and they run off together and play with dolls, in the kitchen or in their new teepee. Rosie's pretty good at playing along unless Ev takes a toy she wants or tries to boss her around too much. Then I will hear loud screams from both of them and they'll need to be separated for a few minutes to cool down. Shortly after they'll be best buds again, running around and chasing each other. I can't wait to see how a new baby adds to the mix!

Rosie loves to show us her muscles (see picture below), say "no" and "mommy" all day, have us watch everything she does and hang from any sort of bar she can get her hands on. She's strong, fearless, funny and loud. My parents say she looks just like my sister did as a baby and has my personality. I love watching her grow and change.



She loves running, hiding, swinging, kicking a ball, playing with babies, hanging from everything, dancing and sneaking around, She also loves her stroller and anytime I take it out for a walk she gets so excited, climbs right in and starts to buckle up. She's currently loving hiding in their new teepee and taking her dolls in there with their blankets. She also loves books, watching videos on youtube, and swimming! We took her to the cottage last weekend and she would float all on her own and get so angry if I tried to help her. She stayed in the water for hours just splashing and floating, it was the best.


She's started waking up past 7! Just in time for baby to come. Hoping this sticks so I can get a little time with just the baby before the girls wake up in the morning. She'll go down for the night around 7-7:30 with no issues as long as I pray with her, sing her a song and give her a soother. Then I zip her up in her sleep sack and she's out for the night. I've been running a fan in her room to drown out any noise we make because I have the sound machine in Everly's room and it's been working great. We also got blackout blinds in the new house which makes her room nice and dark for sleeping. She still naps for 2-2.5 hours around 12-2pm, which is nice for me to get one on one time with Ev.


All she wants to eat is carbs. Noodles, buns, bread, bagels, you name it, she is just carb loading all day long. She also loves hot dogs, watermelon, grapes, yogurt (her absolute fave), peanut butter, chia pudding, homemade popsicles and frozen blueberries. She'll just point at the freezer yelling "berries" until I get her some. She eats so much and usually finishes off Ev's plate if there's anything left. Her fave snacks are veggie straws, dried mango,

Daily Life

She wakes up around 7-7:30am, we cuddle in bed until Ev gets up and then we all head out to play with some toys while I make breakfast. She'll usually eat blueberries and yogurt, eggs or oatmeal for breakfast. Then we'll stick around the house and play for a bit either inside or in the backyard. I like to have one outing before her nap and one after, so either play dates, grocery shopping, house errands, splash pad, park or go for a walk. Then she'll eat lunch around 12pm and go down for her afternoon nap. When she wakes up she always wants to cuddle which is my favorite, but Ev gets super annoyed that I can't play with her one-on-one anymore. Then she'll want a snack and we'll head out for our second adventure of the day. I like to be home by 5-5:30 so they can have dinner, take a bath and then either watch a show or play before bed, which is at 7/7:30 for her. I like our days full so she's tuckered out by the end of the day! This summer heat is definitely helping because we play outside a lot.


The giggles are constant as usual. She's ticklish, laughs at herself, makes goofy faces, laughs when she throws or drops things and is just so full of joy. Her laugh is contagious and she giggles hardest when running around with Everly. I love watching them laugh together.


This girl gets hangry. She'll pull on my dress or shirt every time I'm making dinner just screaming and pointing like give me that food woman what's taking so long. She is so impatient when it comes to meal time. She'll also get so upset if Everly steals a toy from her, especially a baby. She's also starting to talk more, but so much of it I can't understand still which makes her so frustrated.


I left Rosie for the first time since she was born this month! We had left her for a night here and there, but Jason and I went away for 4 days to Vegas on our babymoon and left the girls with my parents. I was so sad leading up to the trip, I didn't even want to go. I knew we needed it though, and Rosie did so good! My mom said she said "mommy" a bunch, like wondering where I was, but she was her usual happy self. I think it was harder on me than it was on her. Then we had maternity photos done this month and she was PERFECT. I actually couldn't believe it. We opted for a mini-session thinking that the girls would hate it and have meltdowns and maybe get one good picture (kind of how Ev was when I was pregnant with Rosie), but they were both amazing! Rosie stood and smiled and laughed and did whatever the photographer told her to. I think it probably was because it was such a quick shoot, it kept her attention and she had a lot of fun and looked so darn cute! We went to Clear Lake for the annual Kasdorf gathering and she had a great time. We also got out to my parents cottage and Jason's parents cottage with the girls and they loved it! It's so fun watching her with all of the cousins, running around and trying to fit in.



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